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255 Argumentative Research Paper Topics From Pros

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

What is an argumentative research paper? This genre of writing requires students to investigate a topic and collect, generate, and evaluate evidence to establish a clear position on that topic. Students that are learning how to write an argumentative paper for the first time are encouraged to choose easy topics that can be researched by searching the web for background information before conducting academic research using library resources.

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College Argumentative Research Paper Topics

By the time you get to college, you should already have a good idea of the proper structure and format for an argumentative paper assignment. The following argumentative research paper topics are appropriate for a 5 to 10-page assignment:

  1. Should fracking be banned across the United States?
  2. Has the internet had more positive or more negative effects on communication?
  3. Should the United States lower the legal drinking age?
  4. Should college athletes be allowed to hire professional agents?
  5. Can capital punishment be justified in certain circumstances?
  6. Do men and women have equal workplace rights?
  7. How important are technical and business skills in today’s job market?
  8. Are the Covid-19 restrictions on college campuses detrimental to student learning?
  9. Should the Covid-19 vaccine be required for all students?
  10. Are we paying adequate attention to children’s emotional needs?
  11. Why are porn stars discriminated against and are subject to social shaming?
  12. Is New Zealand’s smoking ban on future generations ethical?
  13. Is it ethical to replace the human workforce with automated machines?
  14. Should teenagers be encouraged to make independent life choices?
  15. Are humans to blame for the rapidly occurring global climate change?
  16. Should vaccinations be required for all students attending public schools?
  17. Why do hiring employers discriminate against pregnant women?
  18. Should companies be allowed to market their products to children?
  19. What are the negative effects of having a bad healthcare system?
  20. How much should colleges pay student-athletes for their presence?
  21. How can people deal with an addiction to pornography?
  22. Why do drug addicts face social prejudice after they have recovered?
  23. Should the United States ban alcohol television advertisements?
  24. Should there be federal protections for the rights of same-sex couples?
  25. Why are convicts socially punished even after they are done serving time?
  26. Is consent a valid concept in the porn industry or are sexual assaults prevalent?
  27. Should professional athletes be allowed to hold out on contracts to force trades?
  28. Should the United States implement a tobacco ban for future generations?
  29. Do employers discriminate against older people because of their lack of technical skills?
  30. Should parents be allowed to genetically modify their unborn children?
  31. How fair are the labor laws in the United Kingdom?
  32. How fair are the labor laws in the United States?
  33. Why are there high rates of prescription drug abuse among celebrities?
  34. Why is body shaming so prevalent in the U.S. and Europe?
  35. Is the current presidential election system transparent and fair?
  36. Does the police discriminate against minority groups?
  37. Is it a violation of human rights to allow torture to prevent terrorism?
  38. What pros and cons have cell phone use had on productivity?
  39. How can the U.S. deal with its increasing poverty problem?
  40. Why does society overlook cases of domestic violence against men?
  41. Should the U.S. institute more programs to help convicts after they have been released?
  42. Should schools be required to implement diversity programs?

Rogerian Argument Topics for a Paper

A Rogerian paper assignment takes two sides of an argument and attempts to set a middle ground. Students must provide equally weighted supporting evidence and examples for each side to present a conclusion that a reader will see as mutually beneficial. Here are some topics for argument research paper in this genre of writing:

  1. Should smoking be banned from public spaces (e.g., sidewalks)?
  2. What are the positive and negative effects of workplace hierarchies?
  3. What impact does religion have in starting wars?
  4. What are the positive and negative effects of legalizing marijuana?
  5. Do condoms prevent unwanted teenage pregnancies?
  6. Should the legal age for drinking be lowered or raised?
  7. Should the U.S. ban the ownership of assault rifles?
  8. Should schools stop making traditional subjects mandatory?
  9. What impact do violent video games have on a child’s development?
  10. What is the relationship between unemployment and crime in the U.S.?
  11. What are the pros and cons of establishing a relationship with Cuba?
  12. Is cheating commonplace in schools and workplaces?
  13. What are the dangers of allowing people to own guns?
  14. Does the United States have a police brutality issue?
  15. Should the government be allowed to censor information on the internet?
  16. Does birth control encourage teenagers to have sex?
  17. Is internet censorship required to keep children safe?
  18. Is euthanasia for humans an ethical or moral question?
  19. Is the current educational system for higher learning affordable?
  20. What are the negative and positive effects of making evolution studies mandatory?
  21. Should schools reintroduce efforts that support memorization?
  22. What impact would more in-depth gun background checks have on society?
  23. Should people get a license before they are allowed to have children?
  24. Should schools provide free textbooks and laptops to their students?
  25. What are the pros and cons of establishing a relationship with North Korea?
  26. What impact does e-learning have on students?
  27. Should schools focus more on developing creativity in students?
  28. Are test scores in school an appropriate way of evaluating a child’s progress?
  29. Should the United States lower the voting age?
  30. What are the positive and negative effects of nicotine advertising?
  31. Are single-sex schools better than co-eds?
  32. Is the current system of taxation in the U.S. fair to all classes?
  33. Should colleges and universities provide free tuition for all?
  34. Are people too dependent on technology?
  35. Should same-sex marriage be allowed across the United States?
  36. Should the U.S. deploy military personnel to stop protests?
  37. What are the pros and cons of allowing armed security on school campuses?
  38. Do celebrities make more money than is necessary?
  39. Should overpopulated countries institute a two-child policy?
  40. Should teachers be trained to use firearms?
  41. Does public surveillance enforced by law invade personal privacy?
  42. Should research and tests be allowed on animals to ensure human safety?
  43. Is the current U.S. election system fair to all people?

argumentative research paper topics

Classical Argument Paper Topics

A classical argument paper assignment is known to be an effective way for students to learn about forming logical and well-structured arguments on an issue that many readers are already familiar with. Choosing a topic can be difficult, so we are giving you some easy argument paper topics to choose from:

  1. Is adequate sex education the only way to eliminate sexual issues among teenagers?
  2. Is gun control an effective method of reducing crime?
  3. Would a ban on assault weapons prevent school shootings?
  4. Should parents be held responsible for the crimes their children commit?
  5. Should we censor sexual content from television?
  6. Does violence in the media harm society?
  7. Is it ethical to genetically modify unborn children?
  8. Is it good to have a two-party system in the United States?
  9. Are children more likely to have happier lives growing up in a two-parent home?
  10. Does wealth determine whether one can achieve happiness?
  11. Is global warming a serious issue or has it been exaggerated?
  12. Should parents be allowed to physically discipline their children?
  13. Why are women less inclined to engage in criminal activity?
  14. Why do children from single-parent homes behave differently?
  15. Should global leaders take a firmer stance on combatting climate change?
  16. What are the positive and negative effects of instituting e-learning in schools?
  17. What can we do to reduce the wage gap between men and women?
  18. Should the electoral college be eliminated from the election process?
  19. Should Presidents that have committed crimes in office be punished?
  20. What impact does owning a cell phone at an early age have on social skills?
  21. When should a foreign government interfere with military force?
  22. Does diversity in the workplace improve social relationships?
  23. What are some of the reasons the modern political structure needs to change?
  24. Should colleges eliminate standardized test scores from the admissions process?
  25. Should governments continue to fund stem cell research?
  26. Does capital punishment deter people from committing violent crimes?
  27. Will the construction of a border wall deter immigrants from entering the U.S.?
  28. What are the positive and negative effects of globalization?
  29. In what ways does immigration help nations?
  30. Why are men more likely than women to commit violent crimes?
  31. Should the ruling elite be held more accountable for crimes?
  32. Should the United States incorporate more social programs to help its citizens?
  33. Should religious organizations be prevented from supporting political candidates?
  34. Does the NSA have the right to racially profile people entering the country?
  35. Should young people have the right to opt-out of high school?
  36. Should sexual minorities have their own public bathrooms?
  37. Should the government make religious institutions pay taxes?
  38. Do cross-cultural marriages inspire greater racial tolerance?
  39. Why has democratic socialism failed to gain support in the U.S.?
  40. Should people that receive welfare be required to search for work?
  41. Is homeschooling the best way to educate children?
  42. Are young people predisposed to act rebelliously?

Causal Argument Topics for a Research Paper

These are good argument paper topics for students looking for an easy project. A lot of information for these ideas can be found online, but students should form their arguments around trustworthy academic sources:

  1. Should first-world countries get involved in climate change?
  2. Should social media sites be allowed to collect data from their users?
  3. What does the future of cryptocurrency hold?
  4. Is it ethical to prevent people from using cell phones while driving?
  5. Why are there so many sexual assault cases on college campuses?
  6. Should professional athletes be given incentives for their performances?
  7. Should more taxes go towards funding the arts in public schools?
  8. Should the U.S. government put health restrictions on fast-food chains?
  9. Why are teenage pregnancy cases on the rise in the United States?
  10. Is there such a thing as equal pay in professional sports?
  11. Is graffiti a legitimate art form and should graffiti artists be punished?
  12. Is race an issue when owners and general managers build their rosters?
  13. Are young people indulging in physical activities and exercises enough?
  14. Should people be allowed to keep exotic pets at home?
  15. What are the benefits of playing mental games for older people?
  16. Can team sports help children with autism learn to socialize?
  17. Should parents be allowed to implement tracking chips on their children?
  18. Should we censor music with violent themes to protect young people?
  19. What do our dreams say about our current mental and emotional states?
  20. Is it safe to post videos of children on the internet?
  21. Should caffeine and energy drinks be banned for young people under 16?
  22. Should self-driving cars be allowed in metropolitan areas?
  23. Do people need a college or university education to succeed?
  24. Why do immigrants face so much discrimination in the United States?
  25. Is the violence presented in movies negatively impacting society?
  26. What are the pros and cons of participating in high school sports?
  27. Why are certain sports athletes discriminated against?
  28. Should people believe everything the media says?
  29. What are backbenchers and why should people be paying attention?
  30. Should victims of rape be allowed abortions in states where it is illegal?
  31. In what ways is the LGBTQ community influencing American culture?
  32. Should college students be allowed to carry firearms for protection?
  33. Is international media less biased than domestic media?
  34. Should colleges and universities promote year-round learning?
  35. Is too much social media use creating mental issues in people?
  36. Should more students be encouraged to take creative courses?
  37. How can we teach our children about sexual abuse awareness?
  38. What are the positive and negative effects of publicly stating a political position?
  39. Are genetically modified foods safe for human consumption?
  40. Is it better to attend an online university than a traditional university?
  41. Why do people consider marketing the newest form of art?
  42. Should college coaches be allowed to leave their contracts at any time?
  43. Should men also receive paternity leave and pay from employers?

Modern Philosophy Argument Paper Topics

The following philosophy argument paper topics cover several areas in the discipline and will challenge students to conduct ample in-depth research to develop a sound argument. It is not a specific doctrine or school but is associated with questions we have about modernity:

  1. What is the problem with the beauty standards modern society has created?
  2. Can we ever justify a war at the scale of WWI and WWII?
  3. How has modern moral theory affected the way we make political decisions?
  4. How has consumerism affected the way we perceive the world?
  5. What is Leibniz’s “conception of substance” and how does it differ from Spinoza’s
  6. How did modern philosophy influence the outbreaks of WWI and WWII?
  7. How did modern philosophy inspire the women’s rights movement of the early 20th century?
  8. What is Hume’s solution to the problem of free will?
  9. How did Karl Marx’s writings influence the communist movements of the 20th century?
  10. How has modern philosophy accepted to views of naturalism?
  11. What impact did the 19th century have in shaping modern philosophy?
  12. To what extent is it possible to know anything according to modern philosophers?
  13. How did modern philosophy influence the way people look at modern religion?
  14. How has Descartes’s entertainment of that possibility of life being nothing but a dream influence film in the 20th and 21st centuries?
  15. How has art in the 20th century been influenced by modern philosophy?
  16. What is meant by the idea that tables and chairs are “explanatory and theoretical” entities?
  17. What is our understanding of the nature of being in the age of technology?
  18. How does one person cause the changes in another person?
  19. Why did modern philosophers accept scientific methods more so than their predecessors?
  20. What impact did Charles Darwin and Karl Marx have in influencing modernism?
  21. What is the connection between the mind and the body?
  22. Why are people afraid of changes in an era of technology?
  23. Why does Leibniz believe that spirits are the only substances?
  24. What is the ultimate nature of reality and our perception of it?
  25. How should we address the epistemological problem of human diversity?
  26. What role did Nietzsche and Freud have in shaping modern philosophy?
  27. How has modern philosophy changed modern politics?
  28. Are human beings free to make decisions or are they subject to circumstances?
  29. What impact did modern philosophers have on the way people perceive God?
  30. What is the nature of God and how can one know God’s nature?
  31. How much did Immanuel Kant contribute to the system which brought rationalism and empiricism to the forefront?
  32. Is hedonism more prevalent in modern society than it was in prior centuries?
  33. How does modern philosophy deal with the fact that people see the world in different ways?
  34. Has modern philosophy ended and been replaced by postmodern philosophy?
  35. How did the idea of free will change in the 20th century?
  36. In what ways was Karl Marx influenced by his predecessor Friedrich Hegel?
  37. What is distributive justice and how does it impact human behavior?
  38. What are some radical views that have stemmed from modern philosophy?
  39. If modern philosophy has had such a great impact on the western world, why has it been replaced by postmodern theories?
  40. What role does philosophy play in influencing postmodernist opinions?
  41. How has the concept of life after death changed in modern times?
  42. What is the biggest challenge between establishing policies for peace and war?

Definitional Argument Paper Topics

This genre of writing attempts to clarify a definition for a controversial or debatable term or concept. Students present their arguments after clearly and concisely defining what something is so that the reader can make his or her own opinion about an issue given the facts. Here are some great argument research paper topics suitable for a 5-page assignment of this type:

  1. Emailing a letter of resignation.
  2. Articles of Impeachment.
  3. Happiness in the age of technology.
  4. International journalism and the internet.
  5. Analytics in sports.
  6. The meaning of fatherhood.
  7. Romance in the age of the internet.
  8. Community activism.
  9. Marketing and advertising in the 21st century.
  10. Mass scale friendship circles on social media.
  11. The meaning of a caring parent.
  12. Miranda rights and client-lawyer privileges.
  13. Public surveillance to stop crime.
  14. Catholicism in the 21st century.
  15. The meaning of sexual modesty.
  16. Racial tolerance.
  17. Self-driving automobiles.
  18. Automated home “smart” systems.
  19. Traditional versus modern family units.
  20. Modern philosophy versus postmodern philosophy.
  21. Smartphones versus older cell phones.
  22. Vaccination versus immunization.
  23. Recounts and revotes in political elections.
  24. Leadership versus teamwork.
  25. Communication on social media.
  26. Economic depressions.
  27. Qualities of a strong leader.
  28. The meaning of courage.
  29. Admiration versus adoration.
  30. Love at first sight.
  31. To be judged by a jury of one’s peers.
  32. Sharing personal information online.
  33. Legal separation versus divorce.
  34. Technology start-ups.
  35. Professional success.
  36. E-Learning during the time of Covid-19.
  37. A living wage in the U.S.
  38. Differences in telecommunication.
  39. Telehealth services during the pandemic.
  40. Statistical analysis in business.
  41. The future of programming languages.
  42. The meaning of sincerity.
  43. The worldwide web and communication.

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What are some good argumentative research paper topics?

Some good argumentative research paper topics include:

  • The effect of banning fracking across the United States.
  • The positive and negative effects of the Internet on communication
  • Reducing the legal drinking age in the US.
  • The freedom of college athletes to hire professional agents.
  • The justification of capital punishment in specific situations.

What is an argumentative research topic?

Argumentative research is a controversial topic and a significant source of debate in social discourse. Argumentative research aims to convince your reader to agree with your perspective or research statement.

What are controversial topics for an argumentative research paper?

Some controversial topics for an argumentative research paper are:

  • Should people be restricted from using cell phones while driving?
  • The prevalence of sexual assault cases on college campuses
  • The effect of using incentives to boost the performance of professional athletes
  • The possibility of placing health restrictions on fast-food chains in the US
  • The cause of the increase in teenage pregnancy in the United States.

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