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155 Great Bible Research Paper Topics For Top Students

bible research paper topics

Bible research compiles a lot of interesting topics and ideas to consider to write about. Choosing a topic might be difficult, but to help you narrow your vision check out the list!

What Is a Research Paper?

A research paper is an extended written assignment in which you must explain what you have learned after exploring the topic in-depth and present your argument (thesis) with your analysis, evidence, and examples.

A research paper should focus on a central issue you find interesting. You should explore several bible research topics before selecting one. This gives you the chance to do a little background research to ensure you have not chosen a topic that is too broad or too narrow. This guarantees that you will have just the right number of resources to adequately explore your topic and present your argument. Below, we have a list of great biblical research paper topics for your consideration, but first we’ll briefly discuss how you should structure your research paper correctly.

How to Structure Your Research Paper

Before you create an outline, you need to have a topic or a good idea about what you want to write about, a thesis statement draft, some points to support your thesis, examples and evidence to support your claims, and your citations. All of this is the research and preparation you must do before you start writing. You can see why it’s important to explore several bible essay topics before choosing one to ensure you have enough time to gather and organize all this information.

Unlike social sciences and physical sciences research papers, a research paper in the humanities (which Bible scholarly works fall under), your work should read more like an essay. You are not conducting experiments on participants or data but are instead making logical arguments based on the evidence you have, which often comes from texts (e.g., the Bible).

The following sections are ones you would usually find in a humanities assignment and should form the basis of your outline:

  • Abstract: This is a summary of your work (usually 250 – 300 words) to help scholars quickly decide if the information they are looking for can be found in your study.
  • Introduction: This section provides background information about your topic and provides an overview of the questions you aim to answer within the discussion portion. It should also include the thesis statement which can be one or two sentences long.
  • Discussion: These are your body paragraphs. Each paragraph should be dedicated to one sub-topic. Research papers at this level are much longer than the five-paragraph assignments you learned how to write in high school, so there are no limitations to the number of paragraphs you should include in this section.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion should remind the reader of your thesis and then summarize and synthesize the information you included in the discussion section.

You can apply the basic 5-paragraph outline form to structure your research paper, regardless of the number of paragraphs in each section.

  • Introduction
    • Background Information
    • Questions
    • Thesis
  • Argument 1
    • Topic Sentence
    • Your Thoughts/Opinion
    • Example or Evidence
    • Transition Sentence
  • IV. V. VI… etc.
  • Conclusion
    • Thesis
    • Summary/Synthesis
    • Conclusion

Old Testament Research Paper Topics

If you are primarily interested in the Old Testament, then the following ideas focus on those books designated as the Pre-Christ era. These are Old Testament essay topics are ideas many scholars discuss frequently, so you should have no trouble finding secondary scholarly resources:

  1. The perception of salvation among the early tribesmen.
  2. Compare and contrast leadership between Moses and David.
  3. Explore the way punishments were given in the Old Testament.
  4. Describe the symbols used to explain God’s covenant with humankind.
  5. The lost books of the Old Testament.
  6. The Book of Job and its connection to the troubles of modern life.
  7. Explore how metaphors are continuously used throughout the Old Testament.
  8. An examination of tribal conflict and God’s intervention.
  9. Compare and contrast Abraham and Jacob as patriarchs of the Hebrew people.
  10. Liturgical perspectives of time in the Old Testament.
  11. The Book of Ecclesiastes and the consequence of earthly possessions.
  12. The definition of the Covenant in the Old Testament.
  13. Discuss the lack of references to hell in the Old Testament.
  14. The origin of humankind as described in Genesis and the use of allegory.
  15. Explain how Abraham’s experience foreshadows the struggles of the Israelites.
  16. The role fear and faith have in God’s followers.
  17. The attitude and treatment of slaves in the Old Testament.
  18. The impact that divine judgment had on people’s behaviors.
  19. An analysis of the Old Testament’s Book of Jonah.
  20. Select a theme and motif and explain its importance in the Pentateuch.
  21. Explore experiences when people’s fortune changes.
  22. Discuss the themes of obedience and disobedience in the Old Testament.
  23. Analyze the use of metaphor in the Book of Genesis.
  24. The Old Testament is a historical document of Hebrew slavery in Egypt.
  25. Establishment of gender roles in Genesis.
  26. Provide an analysis of the laws of the Israelites.
  27. Explain the role of apocalyptic prophets in the Old Testament.
  28. Discuss the use of metaphors to describe the great plagues of Egypt.
  29. The ways women are oppressed in the Old Testament.
  30. Explain how God’s message changes over the Pentateuch.
  31. Explain how Moses responds to those that oppose him.

New Testament Essay Topics

The New Testament contains four groups of writings: Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, Epistles, and Apocalypse. The Gospels are among the most studied but we’ve included biblical topics for research papers for all the groups in the New Testament:

  1. Inconsistencies in the writings by John, Luke, Mark, and Matthew.
  2. Explain the similarities and differences among two of eh Passion narratives.
  3. The Book of Revelation and how it applies to modern society.
  4. Discuss the role of miracles in the New Testament and their influence on modern canonization.
  5. Discuss God’s plan to pass on the Gospel to the Jewish people.
  6. Discuss the seven years of tribulation as described in the Book of Revelation.
  7. Analyze the Book of Romans and discuss its importance in spreading Christianity.
  8. Compare and contrast two resurrection accounts.
  9. Apply the Book of Revelation into a contemporary learning context.
  10. Explain how the Gospel of John demonstrates how a sinner’s heart can be close to receiving the Gospel and salvation.
  11. Analyze a parable that is found in more than one Gospel.
  12. Examine the arguments surrounding the authenticity of the letters of Paul.
  13. Analyze Paul’s understanding of the living Christ by analyzing one of his letters.
  14. Analyze John’s narrative approach in The Apocalypse.
  15. Define the distinctive theological perspectives of the Gospels.
  16. Examine how baptism became a key foundation of Christianity.
  17. Discuss the ways The Epistles are used in today’s sermons.
  18. Explain the worldwide plans for evangelism as described in the Book of Acts.
  19. The importance of the Pauline Epistles in the New Testament.
  20. Evaluate Peter’s sermons to Jewish crowds after Jesus’ death.
  21. Evaluate what scholars claim are the biggest mysteries of the New Testament.
  22. Discuss how the Parables in the New Testament translate today.
  23. Describe the way women are treated in the New Testament.
  24. Examine the similarities and differences in a parable that appears more than once.
  25. Analyze how the New Testament has influenced Western culture.
  26. Compare and contrast the early and later versions of the New Testament.
  27. The main characteristics of the New Testament Theology approach.
  28. Race and ethnic representations in the New Testament.
  29. The role the nation of Israel will have during the seven years of tribulation.
  30. Evidence of the Historical Jesus Christ in outside biblical writings.
  31. Explore how the New Testament encourages forgiveness.

Interesting Biblical Topics

The following interesting topics in the Bible cover a wide variety of areas that bring up modern issues as well as those we know from Bible writings. If you want to write about something out-of-the-box, then these ideas should provide you with great options:

  1. Compare and contrast views about salvation in the Old Testament and New Testament.
  2. The concept of reincarnation in Christianity today.
  3. Explain how Christianity spread across the Roman Empire.
  4. Make a comparison between the Biblical analysis of events and historical evidence.
  5. Examine Corinthians II as it relates to the characteristics of a true apostle.
  6. The way women influenced Christianity in the 20th and 21st centuries.
  7. The influence religious laws have on a society’s morality.
  8. Geological evidence of major catastrophes and disasters is reported in the Bible.
  9. Black churches in the United States and their interpretation of the Bible.
  10. The power men have had throughout the history of Christianity.
  11. The ways Catholics and other Christian sects interpret the Bible differently.
  12. Christianity and homosexuality in modern times.
  13. Explain why Catholics interpret the Bible differently from other Christians.
  14. Describe the way Paul defines the concept of Christian freedom in the First Epistle.
  15. The economics of Christianity in today’s capitalistic world.
  16. Analyze how Christianity shaped the concept of a nuclear family.
  17. Our perceptions of the ten commandments today.
  18. Examine the radical nature of the Gospel of Luke and how it impacted women.
  19. Compare and contrast the Bible with the Koran.
  20. Adapting pagan holidays to fit Christian events.
  21. The effects of forced Christianity on an individual.
  22. Explain how Christianity affects the way people live.
  23. Compare and contrast the perception of marriage between the Old Testament and the New Testament.
  24. Examine the consideration that children are innocent in religious discourse.
  25. Compare and contrast the way God is portrayed in the Old Testament versus the New Testament.
  26. Communist beliefs in the New Testament.
  27. The influence Christianity has had on Islam.
  28. The portray of evil in the New Testament and how we view it today.
  29. The influence Islam has had on Christianity.
  30. Explore the ways the holy trinity is discussed in the Bible.
  31. Similarities and differences between Christianity and Eastern philosophies.

List of Bible Study Topics

If you are working in a group setting and need a list of bible studies topics for discussion, then these ideas are worth your consideration. Students working in groups can conduct light research and then bring their notes, opinions, and questions to share:

  1. Things the Bible teaches about abortion.
  2. Substance abuse and self-destruction.
  3. Negative effects of holding on to bitterness.
  4. Alcohol abuse and violence.
  5. Christians are adopted into God’s family.
  6. Our self-esteem is based on the value God places on us.
  7. The existence of guardian angels.
  8. Jealousy can lead to more sin.
  9. Things the Bible teaches about death.
  10. The misguided quest for financial success.
  11. Dealing with slavery as presented in the Bible.
  12. God provides for all his children.
  13. God values us based on his character, not ours.
  14. Punishment for adultery in modern times.
  15. The best way to stay true to God.
  16. Spiritual birth makes someone a child of God.
  17. Confession as a path to forgiveness.
  18. The Bible’s position on celibacy for people in the religious office.
  19. Stress on the outside need not mean stress on the inside.
  20. Feminist depictions in the New Testament.
  21. The key to an honest evaluation is knowing the basis of our self-worth.
  22. The conflict between religion and science.
  23. Paul’s position on marriage.
  24. Having a child out of wedlock.
  25. The sanctity of marriage between man and woman.
  26. The importance of confession before communion.
  27. Confession makes success possible.
  28. The dangers gossip poses on friendships.
  29. Having faith in Jesus because he died for our sins.
  30. Spreading the Gospel to others in the community.
  31. Never compromise with temptation.

Bible Thesis Topics for College

College students majoring in Christian Theology are setting themselves up for a wealth of professional opportunities. Any one of these biblical research topics can be used for a thesis and serve as a jumping-off point for even more research:

  1. Why was God absent during the world’s largest atrocities?
  2. What role does the Old Testament have on the Orthodox Church?
  3. What does the Bible say love should look like in marriage?
  4. Should religion refrain from getting involved in politics?
  5. What are the challenges of adapting religion to today’s world?
  6. What are the dangers of compromising with temptation in the heart?
  7. What was the outward symbol of God’s covenant?
  8. Should wives submit to everything their husbands say?
  9. Should Catholicism officially welcome gay marriages?
  10. Would God encourage mankind to explore the skies?
  11. What impact did exile have on Judaism?
  12. What are the differences in the way Catholics and other Christian groups view adultery?
  13. How does God reveal Himself in the New Testament?
  14. Should religion influence political decisions?
  15. What is the most convincing form of God?
  16. Why is spiritual well-being different in the Old Testament?
  17. What are the challenges of spreading the Gospel in the 21st century?
  18. What are the biggest moral concerns about following the Bible literally?
  19. Should people only live within their means instead of living in luxury?
  20. How can Christians reconcile the existence of dinosaurs?
  21. Why is there so much racism among Christians?
  22. Was God’s symbol of the covenant enough to keep his followers?
  23. What are the challenges of remaining a good Christian in a capitalistic world?
  24. How must we adjust our interpretations of the Bible for the 21st century?
  25. What are some of the most important arguments for the existence of God?
  26. How can Christians be involved in evangelism in the 21st century?
  27. What does the Bible say about interracial marriage?
  28. What role does religion have in promoting world peace?
  29. What are Christianity’s most important beliefs?
  30. Are the Ten Commandments ordered by severity?
  31. What do religious leaders have to do to end violence among their followers?

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