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177 Human Rights Research Topics: Perfect List To Choose From

177 Human Rights Research Topics

Choosing a good topic for a research project at any level is very important but can be very difficult. Students can turn their class lectures or assigned readings for great ideas. Or they can go online to learn about the latest issues being discussed by experts in the field. These methods can be time-consuming and hiring trustworthy professionals is an excellent option.

When it comes to human rights research topics, we are an editing and writing services that are recognized for delivering the best products at affordable prices. In this article, we provide a list of 177 human rights research topics that can be used for any thesis or dissertation assignment.

Human Rights: What Does it Mean in Today’s World?

For most people, human rights are understood to be moral principles or norms for specific standards of behavior towards humans. These principles are usually protected by local, federal, and international law. While there is no specific governing body, it is usually regularly understood that modernized societies, in general, will uphold human rights despite a person’s race, ethnicity, culture, or citizenship.

How to Write an Excellent Human Rights Thesis or Dissertation

Even the most skilled researchers and writers can use some advice on creating a great thesis or dissertation on any subject. In this article, we are focusing on human rights research paper topics and provide an easy-to-follow outline of how to craft a great thesis or dissertation.

  1. Help With My Thesis and Dissertation!

  2. Students that need assistance with their theses or dissertations can turn to private tutors or former students. But the best method is to search for and hire a professional service that understands all the current standards professors use to grade high-level academic assignments.

  3. Where Do I Find Resource Material?

  4. Trustworthy resource material can be found online from government and academic organizations or from respectable journals and books that can be accessed electronically or in print. Resource material referenced in your work should be within three years.

  5. Do I Need an Outline and Draft?

  6. An outline and draft are essential to writing a thesis or dissertation. These are long academic works that incorporate several resources that require a lot of organization. Creating an outline and first draft will give your work structure and professionalism.

  7. Getting My Work Peer Reviewed.

  8. Throughout the writing process, you will need to consult with your advisor and class peers that know about your human rights topic. Any person that is educated in your area of interest will be a benefit to the development of your work.

  9. Incorporating the Final Touches.

  10. Lastly, make sure you carefully proofread your work for all grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Double-check that your thesis or dissertation is arranged properly and that each chapter, section, and page number is accurate. Another option is to hire an essay reviser to know exactly that the writing will satisfy your professor.

Great Civil Rights Topics for 2023

Current issues about civil rights can be found by searching the web, reading the news, or listening to broadcasts. We’ve done some of the work for you and have created this list of basic human rights topics that are being discussed right now:

  1. How did the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s inspire other minorities?
  2. What events in the 1950s laid the foundation of the Civil Rights Movement?
  3. Why did black activists turn to violence in the 1960s?
  4. What was MLK’s biggest contribution to the Civil Rights Movement?
  5. What impact did Harold Washington have on the Civil Rights Movement?
  6. What caused the lessening of support for the Civil Rights Movement in the 1970s?
  7. What influence did African American authors have on the movement?
  8. How did earlier leaders like W.E.B DuBois and Booker T. Washington inspire the movement of the 1950s and 1960s?
  9. How did the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. inspire similar movements in Europe?
  10. How did Malcolm X affect the goals of the Civil Rights Movement?
  11. What are the fundamentals of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
  12. How did Rosa Park inspire the growth of the Civil Rights Movement?
  13. What were the biggest challenges for Black communities in the South?
  14. How did Maya Angelou succeed in capturing black struggles?
  15. Why did it take so long for the Civil Rights Movement to succeed?
  16. Were the SNCC’s and SCLC’s strategies of nonviolence successful?
  17. In what ways was the Civil Rights Movement a continuation of Reconstruction-era black struggles?
  18. What role did the Black Panthers have in gathering support?
  19. What impact did Brown V. Board of Education have on the Civil Rights Movement?
  20. How was segregation reinforced in Southern states after the Civil Rights Act?
  21. What role did Gwendolyn Brooks have on the Civil Rights Movement?
  22. How did MLK’s Baptist background influence his nonviolent position?
  23. How did the Black Panthers affect the goals of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s?
  24. How well has the U.S. upheld the philosophy of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
  25. What are the fundamentals of black power philosophy?
  26. What was the Million Man March and how did it fit into the Civil Rights Act?
  27. What impact did the Little Rock Nine have on the Civil Rights Movement?
  28. What were the three Jim Crow Laws prevalent throughout the South?
  29. How did the Southern States resist the civil rights of African Americans?
  30. What influence did Malcolm X have on Black people seeking basic human rights?

International Human Rights Topics

This area of human rights deals with all the things that are going on around the world. Some can be controversial, but they are important ideas that we feel need to be included in this human rights topics list. Feel free to customize any topic as needed:

  1. How effective are global mental health treatments?
  2. What impact does mental health have on a nation’s culture?
  3. How effective have international efforts been in fighting human trafficking?
  4. Should the international community interfere with religious ceremonial practices?
  5. How are human rights being violated in South America?
  6. What are some of the new rights given to the citizens of the UAE?
  7. How has the U.S. refugee policy affected the way other nations view America?
  8. How has the internet helped people fight for their basic human rights?
  9. Is internet censorship by governments a human rights violation?
  10. Why does human trafficking continue to grow around the world?
  11. Should nations give the same rights to citizens and foreigners alike?
  12. Is it the responsibility of governments to provide adequate housing to their citizens?
  13. Are developing nations with high pollution rates violating the rights of their citizens?
  14. Why have the number of refugees seeking asylum steadily grown in the past decade?
  15. How should the international community respond to human rights violations in North Korea?
  16. What can the U.S. learn from progress rights given to the LGBTQ communities in Europe?
  17. How effective have the UN’s policies against nationalism been in European countries?
  18. What is the difference between cultural relativism and universalism?
  19. Is the practice of separating parents and children a violation of human rights?
  20. Which countries violate the rights of children that work for a small wage?
  21. How should the international community respond to allegations of forced labor?
  22. What impact did Brexit have on the international European community?
  23. How are human rights being violated in the Middle East?
  24. Should the international community ban religious practices that violate a child’s human rights?
  25. Should governments be allowed to violate basic human rights during wartime?
  26. What is meant by the right to collective bargaining?
  27. Which European nations lead the way in advocating for disability rights?
  28. Has the United States violated the rights of refugees by detaining them at the border?
  29. How does climate change affect basic human rights?
  30. How has media censorship helped the spread of misinformation?
  31. Which human rights are being violated in communist countries?
  32. Should men and women be given different human rights?
  33. Why doesn’t the United Nations take an aggressive approach to reduce mental health issues?
  34. Which countries have the most patients suffering from depression?
  35. What are the most effective treatments for mental health?

Controversial Human Rights Topics

Controversy is a great way of getting a reader’s attention. A lot of these human rights thesis ideas are being discussed online. This means that there is plenty of information you can find to create a great argument:

  1. Why are annual U.S. police brutality cases increasing?
  2. Why are minorities at a higher risk of police brutality in the U.S.?
  3. Should all people have the right to go to school?
  4. Is capital punishment a violation of basic human rights?
  5. What are the ethical and medical implications of circumcision?
  6. What is the history of LGBTQ rights in Europe and the U.S.?
  7. Is gender discrimination a human rights issue?
  8. In what ways has the U.S. failed to expand rights for disabled veterans?
  9. What contributions did Martin Luther King Jr. make to the Civil Rights movement?
  10. Does the cutting of genitals of male infants a human rights violation?
  11. How has the Biden administration responded to activists for disabled people?
  12. What efforts have been made to prevent police violence?
  13. Should cultural traditions dictate basic human rights?
  14. What does it mean to have basic human rights and freedom in the 21st century?
  15. How are the rights of homeless people being affected by local ordinances?
  16. How do large corporations violate workers’ rights when they set up overseas?
  17. How does the Black Lives Matter movement impact human rights in Europe?
  18. What are some of the negative effects the U.S. faces by not allowing refugees to cross its borders?
  19. How is the current U.S. policy on refugees from its position in the past?
  20. How does journalism protect the rights of people in developing countries?
  21. How have large corporations like Coca Cola violated human rights in South America?
  22. Should all people have the right to live in a healthy and sustainable environment?
  23. Which European nations have made the greatest effort to give more rights to the LGBTQ community?
  24. What can the U.S. do to protect the rights of persons with disabilities?
  25. Are democratic governments more effective in guaranteeing human rights?
  26. Is the death penalty in the U.S. a violation of human rights?
  27. In what ways does China violate the rights of its people and foreigners?
  28. What contributions did Harvey Milk make to the gay rights movement?
  29. Should everyone have the right to free public education?
  30. How effective has the Human Rights Act of 1998 been?
  31. Should government interests take priority over individual rights?
  32. How does the bottled water industry violate people’s rights around the globe?
  33. Should social media platforms guarantee the right to a person’s privacy?
  34. How can the U.S. government reform basic human rights?
  35. Should the U.S. interfere with the decline of working conditions in El Salvador?

Ph.D. Topics in Human Rights

When students are working on their theses or dissertations to earn Ph.D. degrees in this field, they will certainly want to research and present on the best human rights thesis topics. Here’s a collection that will require a lot of research and plenty of outside help:

  1. What are the major causes for wage disparity among males and females?
  2. How has Islamic oppression of women changed over the years?
  3. What role did Eleanor Roosevelt in the human rights protection campaign?
  4. How do adults react to instances of child labor in foreign countries?
  5. What were the first cases of human rights and their fundamentals?
  6. How have modern films represented the Civil Rights Movement?
  7. What were the defining factors for human rights in colonial America?
  8. How did the Bill of Rights apply to just one ethnic group and not others?
  9. What are the fundamentals of the Voting Rights Act of 1965?
  10. How is the international community watching those violating human rights laws?
  11. Why has the U.S. repressed the Native American Indian Movement?
  12. How were the rights of Japanese and Chinese people violated during WWII?
  13. How did ancient cultures affect modern voting rights?
  14. Do employers believe that women are intellectually inferior leaders?
  15. What has the African American female experience been like in the 21st century?
  16. Should employers have the right to randomly drug test their employees?
  17. How prevalent is racial profiling in the U.S. and what can be done to end it?
  18. What impact did the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 have on future human rights policies?
  19. How has child labor history evolved in the U.S.?
  20. Why are people in the U.S. mostly unaware of the Armenian genocide?
  21. How does communism prevent the existence of true political equality?
  22. Should incarcerated felons retain the right to vote in state and federal elections?
  23. How has the LGBTQ Movement of the 21st century helped improve the acceptance of this community?
  24. What are the challenges in conflicting views between human rights and cultural rights?
  25. What are the roots of racism in the United States?
  26. What civil rights should convicted felons retain in and out of prison?
  27. What were the major movements during the Industrial Revolution?
  28. Should law enforcement expand Miranda Rights for the accused?
  29. In what ways did Saddam Hussein violate the rights of his people?
  30. Why is violence against women still prevalent in the United States?
  31. How did the Patriot Act blur the thin line between human rights and safety?
  32. What are the major discriminatory elements of LGBTQ marriage regulations?
  33. What role did the Cold War have in the way the U.S. defined human rights?
  34. What are the major LGBTQ rights in U.S. communities?
  35. How does religion factor into the way we think about civil rights?
  36. Is the American judicial system fair to all ethnic groups?
  37. How much does the international community need to do to end human trafficking in underdeveloped countries?
  38. How effective has the U.S. been in protecting foreigners from political oppression and armed atrocities?
  39. How does the international community view religious rights when they violate human rights?
  40. What impact has revisionist history had on how people think about the Holocaust?

Human Rights Debate Topics

When it comes to this discipline, there are a lot of research papers on human rights you can look at to build a strong debate topic. We have put together great ideas for your consideration:

  1. What was the representation of human rights like in Enlightenment Philosophy?
  2. How does the Taliban violate human rights?
  3. Which countries have made the greatest contributions to human rights?
  4. Is it ethical to sanction countries that violate human rights?
  5. What has the human rights movement had on globalization?
  6. What role does social media play in protecting human rights?
  7. How are the human rights of people with mental illness violated by policy?
  8. How did the Vietnam War violate the human rights of the Vietnamese people?
  9. How do different cultures define human rights?
  10. How have modern films attempted to bring awareness to human rights violations?
  11. What impact has the Biden’s Administration had on human rights?
  12. On what grounds do challenges on universal human rights stem from?
  13. Why have South American countries failed to protect human rights?
  14. What are the best critiques of the UN’s universals declaration of human rights?
  15. In what ways does U.S. policy influence human rights around the world?
  16. How is Europe’s system of human rights different from the U.S. system?
  17. What are the most important current human rights issues?
  18. How did the Zapatista Movement in Chiapas reinvent our view of human rights?
  19. How do human rights policies affect social transformation?
  20. What are some of the human rights violations that have occurred in the Middle East?
  21. What are the challenges of human rights and cultural diversity?
  22. How does social media help report human rights violations?
  23. How does Guantanamo Bay violate the rights of its prisoners?
  24. What role does the European Union have in global human rights policies?
  25. How did human presumptions impact the American judiciary system?
  26. What role does the UN Human Rights Council play?
  27. Is it possible to achieve universal human rights?
  28. Has the media made an impact in reporting international violations?
  29. What does the Act on Democracy and Human Rights in Belarus outline?
  30. How do NGOs help further the goals of human rights movements?
  31. How are women objectified in the international community?
  32. Which human rights could 20th-century women not access?
  33. How does war impact human rights topics and issues?
  34. What impact does war have on humanity in terms of human rights?
  35. How is the concept of human rights different around the world?
  36. In what ways is the global community working to protect human rights?
  37. How do human rights policies affect global economies?

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