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164 In Depth Theology Research Paper Topics To Write About

theology research paper topics

Theology is a systematic study of the nature of God and religious belief. It’s an academic discipline which is usually taught at colleges and universities as well in secular seminaries and focuses on helping students understand concepts such as life and death and helps them lead lives in which they obey the laws passed on from the specific god or gods they worship.

Students of theology will typically use various forms of analysis and argument to argue, explain, and critique a wide variety of theology paper topics. The trick is in finding the right religious topics to write about to present original and strong arguments that a wide audience will find interesting.

How To Write A Theology Paper

There are many things students should know about writing and structuring a research paper for the college and university levels. Research papers should contain an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. They should also include a bibliography where you list all citations and resources used to support arguments. The following are steps students should take when writing an assignment:

  • Select a Manageable Topic and Start Researching It
    Keep things simple. Brainstorm topics you are interested in and can manage within the parameters of the assignment. Start your research early to ensure you can get all the resources you need to fully answer your research questions and support your argument.
  • Develop a Handful of Thesis Statements to Start With
    Make a list of about 2 or 3 thesis statements. They don’t have to be perfect at this point. The important thing is that you have a few options you can think through as you start finding information and supporting evidence and examples.
  • Brainstorm Your Argument and Create an Outline
    As you settle on a thesis statement and supporting arguments you need to create an outline to keep your ideas organized. Throughout your research, you will find several examples and pieces of evidence that can get lost without an outline.
  • Write the First Research Paper Draft Quickly
    The most effective way to write the first draft is to sit down and write it as quickly as possible. You don’t need to make corrections. Just get your ideas down on the page and follow your train of thought so that you can come back later and make effective revisions.
  • Revise Your Outline and Research Paper
    Set your research paper aside for a few days. Rethink and revise your outline and use it to guide your writing for a second draft. There is always room for improvement and a revised research paper will ensure that you effectively present your arguments.
  • Edit, Proofread and Put in the Finishing Touches
    Finally, you need to edit, proofread, and put the finishing touches in 3 separate exercises. You need to do each of these with 3 different mindsets. It’s a good idea to have someone assist you with each step to ensure you do this correctly.

The following theology research paper topics can be modified to fit a variety of assignments, including short essays, long essays, theses, dissertations, any research papers on religion and even presentations. Feel free to share any of these theological discussion topics with others who may find them interesting to use for an assignment.

Christianity Research Paper Topics

Christianity is among the largest religions in the world and provides opportunities to study from several perspectives. Here are 40 religious research paper topics that are great for a theology paper on Christianity:

  1. The role of the Templar Knights in Christianity.
  2. Examine and discuss the role of life after death.
  3. Depictions of Christianity in modern literature.
  4. Explore and discuss Christianity’s opinions about marriage and family.
  5. The spread of Christianity around the globe.
  6. Contemporary concerns about science and religion.
  7. Explore the ways that the Third Reich changed Christianity.
  8. Discuss the way Christianity was depicted in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.
  9. Explain how miracles and science contradict one another.
  10. Explore Christian tradition and the contemporary family unit.
  11. The role of Christianity across different centuries.
  12. Explore the role wealth has among Christians.
  13. Consider different psychological principles and Christian applications of sin.
  14. Examine and discuss the future of Christianity.
  15. Discuss the rise of contemporary Christian cults.
  16. Explain the impact Christianity has had on European relations.
  17. Explain the difference between Christian and Social Morality.
  18. Examine the role of the Holy Trinity in modern Christianity.
  19. Discuss the role of Christianity in Latin America.
  20. Examine the impact Christianity has on helping the homeless.
  21. Christian youth outreach programs and sexuality.
  22. Explore modern Christian views about marriage and divorce.
  23. Explain the major principles of Christianity.
  24. Explain how Christianity influenced American expansion.
  25. Analyze how Christian activism has changed over the last 20 years.
  26. Examine Christian views about homosexuality.
  27. The Reformation’s influence on modern Christianity.
  28. Analyze the arguments between atheism and monotheism.
  29. Examine the changes in Christian values over the decades.
  30. Discuss the spread of Christianity around the world.
  31. Compare and contrast major and minor Catholic Saints.
  32. The Spanish Inquisition and the roles of clergy today.
  33. Discuss the ways public health warnings affect Christian values.
  34. Explain why Moses was an unlikely prophet.
  35. Explain the role Mormonism has in Christian traditions.
  36. Examine instances of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.
  37. Depictions of evil and hell in literature.
  38. Examine modern Christian family values and society.
  39. Explain the role Christianity has on poor African countries.
  40. Describe the contributions of Christian churches to the world.
  41. Discuss the role that the belief in miracles has on modern Christianity.

World Religions Research Paper Topics

According to independent researchers, it’s believed that there are over 43000 religions in the world. This means that there are thousands of theology essay topics one can explore to develop a great research project:

  1. Describe the impact science has on world religions.
  2. Explain the influence Islam has on international affairs.
  3. Describe and discuss the relationship between science and world religions.
  4. Analyze and discuss the role of women in Islam.
  5. Analyze religious systems of animalism and totemism.
  6. Explain how Zoroastrianism influenced Greek philosophy.
  7. Explain the role religion has on international relations.
  8. Explain how different religions view life after death.
  9. Discuss how different religions affect people’s lives.
  10. Compare and contrast world religions’ perspectives on terrorism.
  11. Discuss the role astronomy has in many of the world’s religions.
  12. Discuss the similarities and differences in Native American religions.
  13. Explain Greek Philosophy during the Hellenistic Period.
  14. Discuss the ways Greek Philosophy Early Islamic Philosophy.
  15. Explain the importance of ritualistic sacrifice in the Mesoamerican religion.
  16. Explore the role ethics and metaphysics had on Ancient Greek Philosophy.
  17. Explain the principles of Aztec culture and religion.
  18. Discuss the influence Zoroastrianism has had on Iranian culture.
  19. Explain how religion affects people’s views about the universe.
  20. Discuss the spread of Buddhism around the world.
  21. Discuss the impact of Ancient Roman and Greek Myths that influenced European culture.
  22. Discuss the influence Buddhism has on global politics.
  23. Explain the role of cosmology in the ancient Aztec and Maya religions.
  24. Explain how life after death in Islam influences terrorism.
  25. Describe the importance of prayer in the Islamic Faith.
  26. Describe how Roman Catholicism blended with the Mayan Religion.
  27. Explore the role Native American religions influence modern Native American culture.
  28. Explain the role of human sacrifice in the Aztec religion.
  29. Discuss the dualistic cosmology principles in Zoroastrianism.
  30. Compare and contrast the Aztec and Mayan religions.
  31. Explain how Greek Philosophy influenced Western culture.
  32. Discuss the creation myths in ancient religions.
  33. Explain how Buddhism influenced Eastern culture.
  34. Compare and contrast prayer rituals between Islam and Christianity.
  35. Explore some of the religious traditions of the Aztecs that influence modern Mexican culture.
  36. Explain the modern interdependence between religions and laws.
  37. Explain the role Mormonism had on Western expansion in the United States.
  38. Discuss how different religions view the creation of life on Earth.
  39. Discuss the ways Mazdayasna influence Islam and the Baha’i Faith.
  40. Discuss the phenomenon of theocratic states in the modern world.
  41. Explain how Ancient Greek Religion influenced Roman Religion.

Research Paper Topics on Theology

Theological essay topics are popular because they open conversations that contribute to various modern philosophies and perspectives. Students should have no trouble finding information searching the web and conducting academic research:

  1. Describe the impact the Church has had on modern culture.
  2. Discuss how different religions perceive life after death.
  3. Explain how modern religions view reincarnation.
  4. Describe the position Christianity has on homosexuality.
  5. Explain why religions emphasize the need to serve their gods.
  6. Compare and contrast the essence of religion.
  7. Discuss what it means to have religious faith in the modern world.
  8. Explain how ancient religions viewed reincarnation.
  9. Discuss how different religions explain the Big Bang Theory.
  10. Discuss the position Buddhism has on homosexuality.
  11. Explain how the big bang theory is viewed among different religions.
  12. Compare and contrast the ways different religions practice prayer.
  13. Explain the reasons why some religions divide into sects.
  14. Compare and contrast how the devil is perceived among different religions.
  15. Explore the role of prayer and meditation in different religions.
  16. Discuss the influence religious institutions have on education.
  17. Discuss the issues that cause immorality among the clergy.
  18. Explore what religions say about sex before marriage.
  19. Explain how different religions explain the existence of dinosaurs.
  20. Compare and contrast what different religions say about sin and holiness.
  21. Compare and contrast Japanese and Chinese Buddhism.
  22. Discuss Christian ethics and their influence on the growth of the religion.
  23. Explain how the role of the Church has changed in the last century.
  24. Discuss the reasons why the Church is divided into several sects.
  25. Evaluate the current state of the Vatican.
  26. Explore and discuss how different religions explain earth science.
  27. Discuss the role of the family on the spiritual growth in children.
  28. Explore the role Christianity has in the Middle East.
  29. Explain why some terrorists use Islam as an excuse to
  30. Compare and contrast the ways different religions view life on Earth.
  31. Explore the role technology has on religious growth.
  32. Discuss the position Islam has on homosexuality.
  33. Explore the role that religious institutions play in promoting peace.
  34. Analyze and discuss the effect of the sectarian crisis in the church.
  35. Discuss the major principles of Chinese Christianity.
  36. Discuss how the Vatican’s politics affect secular Christian sects.
  37. Explain how different religions view religious officials and celibacy.
  38. Discuss why some religions have become larger while others have become smaller.
  39. Explain how some religions have trouble growing their followers.
  40. Describe the impact Christianity has had to fight poverty.
  41. Discuss the way religion reconciles with modern mythology.

Bible Thesis Topics for College Students

To impress an audience with a great paper, students need to select current research topics in theology that push the envelope in each area of study. The following ideas are great for a research project related to the Bible:

  1. Compare and contrast metaphor versus literal in the Bible.
  2. Explore and discuss how the Bible explains the universe.
  3. Explain how the Bible perceives war and slavery in the New Testament.
  4. Discuss the role of miracles in the Old and New Testaments.
  5. Explore the role of marriage in the Old Testament.
  6. Compare and contrast how different sects interpret the Bible.
  7. Describe how Protestants interpret the Bible.
  8. Explain the significance of the resurrection of Jesus.
  9. Describe the differences between the Bible and Koran.
  10. Examine the use of the Bible in literature.
  11. Explain the Biblical account of the Earth’s creation.
  12. Explain the major differences between the Old and New Testaments.
  13. Discuss how the New Testament explains Judaism.
  14. Explore how the Bible perceives the importance of celibacy.
  15. Examine the message of the Book of Romans in the Bible.
  16. Compare and contrast the teachings in the Bible and the Koran.
  17. Explore what the New Testament says about adultery.
  18. Examine the treatment of Egypt in the Old Testament.
  19. Discuss how the Bible reconciles slavery in the Old Testament.
  20. Explore how capital punishment is treated in the New Testament.
  21. Discuss the role the Roman Empire played in crafting the Bible.
  22. Discuss what the library says about the lost tribes of Israel.
  23. Discuss the treatment of other religions in the Bible.
  24. Explain how the New Testament inspired the Civil Rights Movement.
  25. Describe the reasons why Mormonism separated from popular Christianity.
  26. Compare and contrast literal versus figurative interpretations of the Bible.
  27. Explore the role of Democracy and Communism in the Bible.
  28. Examine the role that personal suffering plays in the Bible.
  29. Explain the use of metaphor in the Christian Bible.
  30. Explore what the New Testament says about the Christian model of living.
  31. Explain the degree of severity among the 10 Commandments.
  32. Explain the treatment and depiction of Satan in the Bible.
  33. Discuss how the Gnostic Texts differ as presented in the English Bible.
  34. Explain the role the Gnostic Gospels have on modern society.
  35. Analyze gender roles in the New Testament.
  36. Compare and contrast Catholic and Christian interpretations of the Bible.
  37. Evaluate and discuss Biblical translations and their application today.
  38. Examine how modern literature references the Bible.
  39. Discuss the apocalyptic prophets in the Old Testament.
  40. Describe the difference between Jesus and other Biblical prophets.
  41. Discuss what the Bible says is the reason for the division of the Church.

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