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Free APA Citation Generator For Websites

APA or American Psychological Association citation style is the most commonly used by students and professors alike, to credit different sources used for academic articles and research papers. An APA citation generator is the easiest way to provide the sources in the right format. It ensures that every author whose work you have referred to is duly credited.

What is APA Style

APA style is a document formatting style that is used by the American Psychological Association. This style is mostly used for academic papers written on social sciences including sociology, psychology, anthropology, and other similar fields.

There are two main types of APA citations generated through an APA citation machine, namely In Text Citations and Reference List Entry.

In-text Citation Guidelines for APA Citation Generator

With an in-text citation, credit to the original author is offered in a concise manner. This citation contains the name of the author first and the year of publication following it.

In case of multiple authors and sources, the following guidelines are applied by any APA format generator:

  • In case of two authors, the last names are separated with an Ampersand.
  • In case of three or more authors, the last names are separated using a comma. The last names of the last two authors are separated with a comma and an ampersand in the citation and with “and” in running text.
  • In case of 3-6 authors or more, the citation is shortened in the APA citation. Only the last name of the primary author is provided followed by “et.al.”
  • Excerpts from another source that are used in the text in between quotation marks are called quotes. The citation for quotes must include the page number along with the name of the authors.
  • When multiple sources are used, they are separated by a semi-colon in the citation.

Reference List Guidelines for APA Citation Creator

An APA Citation machine also generates a complete reference page. This is provided after the main text and contains a complete reference of all the sources that are cited in the text. A citation machine APA lists the sources alphabetically as per the author’s last name. If there is no author, the title of the source is provided alphabetically.

The format of the reference list provided by a cite machine APA changes based on the source type — whether it is a journal, book or website. It will also change if there is a source missing, namely one that has an unknown publication date or author or if any information like a second edition book etc. is added.

How does APA Style Citation Generator Benefit Students?

APA format citation is a time consuming process. The format must be accurate, especially when your college papers demand an APA format specifically. Here are some benefits of using an APA machine or generator:

  • Helps save time: This is the most important advantage of using any APA generator. These generators make citations from a digital source easier. APA website citation is challenging as these sources do not include ample publishing information. Using this tool not only creates citations but also references that need to be placed at the end of your academic paper. Students can get a paper that is fully formatted and visually appealing as well.
  • Cites sources accurately: For cite APA website formatting, a generator is a reliable tool as it creates citations for various digital sources. Along with websites, the APA citation creator also refers to video and audio files, newspapers, books, and other sources to create accurate citations.
  • Avoids plagiarism issues: In the academic community, plagiarism is one of the most serious offences. For students, it could mean lower grades and even disqualification of a degree. This can be avoided by listing sources that you have referred to while writing your paper. With a citation generator APA, this process is simplified, ensuring that you do not miss out on any sources, which in turn may lead to plagiarism accusations.

How to Use APA Citation Generator

An APA style citation generator is easy to use. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps:

  • Create an account and login.
  • This account can be used for all references and citations.
  • Provide all the information that is available about a source, including the name, the date of publishing, URL etc.
  • Once the information has been provided, the citation APA generator will create the reference and citation in the right format.
  • In case there is no information available for any digital source, the URL of the website can be provided to create the citation and reference list.

With digital sources, finding publishing information is required. In such cases, you can list the website URL along with the other APA works cited. However, students must note that all websites are not suitable for APA style formatting. It is advisable to use .gov, .edu, and .org websites for reliable sources.

Our APA format citation generator is the most reliable option for students in any field of study. Start working on the impeccable citations and better research papers that can help you achieve the grades that you have worked hard for.