Jeff Haefner’s article “21 Easy Ways to Improve Your Basketball Shooting Percentage” provides 21 tips to follow if a player strives to improve the quality of his or her game. The first tip is to locate the target earlier, which helps brain better focus on the shooting objective. The second to is to hold a follow through to maintain a good shooting technique. The third tip is to follow-through with a relaxed wrist. The fourth and fifth are use the colored ball to see the rotation and improve it and avoid shooting by hanging in the air.

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The sixth and seventh are ceasing to think about making a shot during the game and eliminating bad thoughts. The eighth and ninth are to develop a decent arc on the shot and improve confidence by watching DVDs with outstanding shooters. The remaining eleven tips are: to train with a partner to fine tune shot accuracy; land in front; film shots; fix on correction of bad shots; use a return device; get the ball to a set position; avoid gimmicks; keep shot motions fluid; make 50 practice shots before each game; chart the shots to know what needs to be improved; and, finally, use shooting drills.

This article has provided great advice on how to improve the shooting skill. Although I was aware of some Jeff Haefner’s tips before reading the article, some came as a surprising and necessary theory. One of the best tips was to chart the shots. Use of the charting concept will help me learn about where I shoot well from and, conversely, where I do not. Another piece of advice added here may be to ask a coach to chart the player’s shots as he shoots during the game. Focus on good shots during the game will allow practicing more of such shots, whereas focus on bad shots will give an idea of where more practice is needed and what to fix.

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