Everyone’s dream in the modern world is to be a leader sometime in future. Lectures by prominent people across the globe emphasize on who and what qualifies one be considered an effective leader. I am happy to say that my dream of becoming a leader has been realized. My current workplace provides me with a perfect platform of practicing leadership. As an appreciation of my hard work and commitment, my manager appointed me as the head of employees in my department, and thus I have the responsibility of making sure everything operates smoothly. To succeed in my leadership and to understand my leadership style at the workplace, I have relied on my values. As the overall head of employees in my department at the workplace, I have been obliged to be a leader in every situation and every moment. My position as a leader also requires me to be a keen listener and follower, and to some extent, this has enhanced my relationship with those I lead. I am often at the forefront in relaying vital information to my colleagues. My position has also enabled me be to understand more about the nature of human beings. I associate with people from every background and race, and I appreciate that this makes me a good leader.

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In my position at the workplace, I have to relate well with my colleagues. I also have to offer guidance to the newly recruited members, and this means that my foundation and experience have played an integral role in my leadership. One of the Means Values that I draw upon in my leadership is competence/confidence. While performing my leadership roles, I always have the realistic and objective confidence that I have the necessary skills to achieve as a leader, and I often feel that my skills contribute positively to the growth of my organization (Bruno & Lay, 2008). I am always the first to start any duty, and this motivates my colleagues. Besides, I am always committed to fighting for the rights of my colleagues in the workplace. This Means Value has enabled me provide more leadership than before.

Effective communication is a vital skill that must be exhibited by good leaders. Thus, I am sure that if I continue drawing upon the Means Value of communication/information, my workplace will be the best place to be. Communication/Information Means Value is the exhibition of efficiency and effectiveness in the transmission and flow of ideas as well as factual information between and within people, departments, or units of an organization (Bruno & Lay, 2008). This Means Value will enable me deal with breakdowns that often occur as a result of a lack of clear communication. Disagreements and conflicts are often sparked when people hold back information, and this Means Value will enable me promote effective communication between my colleagues that will aid in the eradication of possible disagreements or conflicts.

Rights/Respect is a Means Value that has promoted and enhanced my relationship with colleagues at the workplace. This Means Value has also been vital for the existing connections between people in the workplace. Defined as the moral principle that obliges one to respect the worth and property of another and vice versa (Bruno & Lay, 2008), this Means Value has so far promoted unity and cooperation at the workplace. My aim is to utilize this Means Value’s essence regularly as it will enhance my connection with those in higher positions as well as my colleagues.

Without a doubt, the interconnection between these Means Values makes my leadership more effective. My objective is to ensure that there is a connection between people in my organization, and I have to continue drawing upon these Means Values if I am to achieve this.

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