Among the eight best internet archive alternatives listed in the article, is considered one of the best alternatives. It operates as a capsule and stores the ‘snapshots’ of different web pages even in the cases when the websites disappear. However, one of the significant drawbacks of the tool is that it does not preserve any existing scripts and elements. It is noted that the is a somewhat old tool. However it has a user-friendly infrastructure with a considerably secure infrastructure.
DomainTools is another relevant alternative listed in the article. It has an online web source WHOIS service which facilitates the navigation of the information requested on the website. Additionally, it is empowered to provide a hosting history. The tool also keeps the records of services and has a capacity to offer screenshots. Comparing to the, this tool is newer but less user-friendly.

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Unlike any other way back machines alternatives, iTools is not always considered as a purely way back machine alternative. It has an entirely different interface and offers a different experience of interaction with the users. One of the most significant strengths of the iTools is that it provides a traffic analysis of the, particularly requested website. Moreover, it has a unique feature which exposes the competitors of the website.

PageFreezer is known as a rather excellent alternative. It functions similarly to Google and operates based on the taken screenshots. It has a unique feature for taking the screenshots and allowing them to extend the business. Moreover, similarly to the iTools, it allows to see the competitors and get the legal evidence and digital signature of the searched pages. The amount of tools provided by the PageFreezer is unique and allows a lot of the automated processes.

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