Class Divided was an excellent portrayal of a class experiment in discrimination and racism. The educator chose to handle these issues with her third grade classroom in a manner that was rather radical. By separating the children by eye color, also a trait that is not by choice much like skin color, the teacher took one day each for the blue eyed children to be superior and then the brown eyed children. The children immediately fell into the roles and were teasing and cruel to the other children based on this characteristic separation.

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The children later returned as adults and it was very apparent that the experiment had a lasting impact on their perception of racism and discrimination. Later, the educator was chosen to teach the same lesson to adults. It was rather shocking that the adults were also as easily manipulated into playing the superior and inferior roles as associated with their eye color. The adult members of the inferior immediately acted hostile and the superior group attributed these actions to their eye color rather than to the circumstances.

In community psychology, the study of how individuals and groups of individuals interact with one another can be closely tied to the understanding of the characteristics of others. People are often separated or segregated based on characteristics that are beyond their control. This forms separate cultures and often separate rights and opportunities for these individuals. While it is illegal to intentionally discriminate against others, the video showed than many people can be trained to do so in a matter of a single lesson. However, the video also showed that the academic achievements, which could also be related to other achievements in life, actually improve once a group recognizes the harshness of discrimination while they decrease when a person is being discriminated against. This shows that a community could easily achieve more together without the social issue of discrimination.