The value of a thing is not always determined by its price. Something a thing has more value for us because of the memories attached with it. My most treasured item is the gift I got from my father after I graduated from high school. The gift holds special meaning for me that has nothing to do with its price or value.
The gift I got after graduating from high school was a car. I agree it was an expensive car but my family already owned more expensive cars. After the family returned home from graduation ceremony, my father asked the whole family to follow him to a car parked in the garage. The car was covered in car cover and my father asked me to remove the cover. After I removed the cover, I felt good because it was a beautiful car but I thought it is simply another car for the family to use. My father gave me keys and when I looked at the key holder, it had my name and date of graduation written on it. At that point my father told me it was my graduation gift and everyone could see the huge surprise on my face.

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The moment I realized this is my car, it became the most beautiful car to me in the entire world. This was the first time I could claim a car to be mine only. The car was also special because it was a proof I had achieved something in life. The car also made me proud because my father gave it to me because he felt I deserved it and not because I asked for it.

My father bought more expensive cars after that, too but nothing gave me same happiness as the car I got on my high school graduation. The graduation gift was special because there were precious memories attached to it. The car was not just a vehicle but also a tool to motivate me to work harder. The car was valuable not because it was the most expensive but because it gave me the best memories of all the cars in the house garage.