Vector Inc. is a Company specializing on electronics distribution and has 30 employees. The company adheres to the laws and regulation set by the country’s business regulators.

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Conflict of Interest
This refers to any activity that is erratic with or against vector’s best interest or that depicts indecency or divided devotion. It is the responsibility of all employees to avoid any activity that would be perceived as a conflict of interest. This will involve conducting business or any favoritism with family members or other people with whom they are close to.

Harassment and Discrimination
Vector Inc. is committed to promoting a creative, innovative and diverse work environment. The company aims at creating a working environment that is free from discrimination and sexual harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, country of origin, gender, age or any other identity. Vector is, and will not withstand any kind of discrimination or harassment of its staffs or visitors whatsoever. Anybody who feels that he or she has been discriminated or sexually harassed or witnessed such acts should report it directly to the manager of the human resource management unit.

Confidential Employee Information
In some cases, employees will be allowed access to other employee’s or applicant’s private information such as employment history, individual contacts, health information, remuneration and so forth. Such information is personal and confidential and should not be exposed to the company’s competitors or anybody else. However, the information can be shared in case of legal or business requirements, with the approval from the top management.

Vector Inc.’s Confidential Information
The major asset of Vector Inc., is its products and services. The company has a bright future and this is treated as an important asset as well. It is therefore illegal to share any confidential, financial, trade secret or any other business information without approval from the top management board.

Environmental Health and Safety
Vector Inc. carries out its activities in a way that protects the environment as well as safeguarding the safety and health of its employees. It conducts its processes safely and reliably as per Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) obligations.