At present, college students, faculty and staff, live, work and learn in an environment where unhealthy eating choices are the easiest. Time and money are a premium and the good alternatives have been minimal at best.

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Target Population
As a result, we are looking to clean up the College’s food offerings on a macro level, appealing to students, faculty and staff alike. The campaign will specifically address how the College can improve food choices and in turn, reduce obesity and quell the related diabetes epidemic. The College wants to reach out to this population, having witnessed the high incident rates of unhealthy behavior and at the core, acknowledging the seminal role that schools play in the prevention role.

Given the pivotal role that campus life plays with respect to the target audience, it only makes sense to work towards a goal where the College plays a lead role in creating an environment where healthy food choices are an easy choice, if not de rigeur.

Behavioral Theory
And such efforts can work, if and only if we can get the College constituency to buy into a common thought pattern with respect to health and wellness. The community must feel that it is possible to address this declining health issue; the community must have a positive expectation that the College’s proposed action will address the outstanding issue; and lastly, the community must have an unshakable belief in the College’s ability to take the proposed action.

This process can only succeed in the aftermath of an invention or in other words, an opportunity for the College to set new standards, making crystal clear that healthy food is number one. The College intends to mandate that vendors subscribe to a healthy first perspective.

Conveyance of Message
Quick, healthy food options will be available to all through College subsidies; contracts encouraging monopolies or persuasion in larger degree will be eliminated; all food outlets will post a picture of their menu boards with calorie and fat content, prominently displayed. Fat and calories in the vending area, was too much, but College has committed to eating in nice areas nad obtaining regular nutritional information.

Expected Outcomes
Life will and should go on at the College to the extent required by the law of physics. If all goes well, all that we really want to embrace are two simple motions: eat less, move more, and do not drink you calories.


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