In the State of Idaho, there have been tremendous complaints on various forms of segregation against the Muslims. The head of the students in ISU held a dialogue with Pocatello Mayor Brian to discuss the problems that the Middle East students are facing. The negative image of the religion has been discussed widely in various forms of media which has been a major concern even before the terrorist’s attacks on September 11. The Muslims experience forms of prejudice in housing, places of employment, harassment and various forms of attacks from strangers. For instance, media reports have indicated a number of attacks in Mosques.

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Statement of the Problem
In the Idaho State University, there have been reports on several kinds of segregation directed to the students in the Middle East. There have been various forms of hate which seem to escalate in Pocatello. For instance, there was an attack of a Muslim student as they walked home with his girlfriend on South Fourth Avenue.

Justification of the project
Promotion of liberal values among the Muslims can promote equality and address the existing forms of attacks in Mosques and avenues in Pocatello.

The situation of Muslims in Pocatello has been changing over the past few years due to social shifts. Although progress has been made in various sectors, Muslims still face segregations in terms of employment, access to education and in healthcare. To address the above issues these projects have the following objectives:
To estimate the biasness that exists among Muslims in schools and addresses the root causes of segregation.
To end any form of violence against Muslim communities and to recommend effective policy implications.
To find the determinants that leads to gaps in religion affiliation in the society.

Desired Impacts and outcome
To improve the social status of Muslims by allowing equal rights, equal access to educations and positions of employment like the other citizens in Pocatello.
To enlighten the Non-Governmental Organizations on hate crimes especially the ones who deal with intolerance against Muslim religion. The strategy can help them to keep records and report on various instances of crimes.
To establish International and local forums by highlighting the challenges of combating inequality against Muslims.
To use the media in addressing various forms of discriminations such as portraying positive programs in television in regard to the minority groups.

Risk Management Plan
In the efforts of improving the status of Muslim community, there are several factors that can affect the efforts of achieving the desired results. For instance, lack of enough funds might hinder the efforts of Non-Governmental Organizations in the attempts to end forms of prejudice against the Muslims. In addition, the media might portray negative images about the minority groups’ therefore perpetuating discrimination.

In countering the above barriers, it would be important to seek for donations with the aim of raising funds to educate the communities of the importance of ending segregations. In addition, there will be policies to urge the media representatives to avoid negative images in their programs. These efforts will assist in coping with religion biasness.