The struggle of every human who exists in this world is to find a spiritual base that provides a sanctity from the evil within and without as they embark on their spiritual journey. This is often found in religious philosophy. More importantly, when a person desires to remove self from the dogmatic practices of any religion and emerge as a spiritual entity working through the challenges of an evil world then a greater challenge exists. The following can be considered a manifest of spiritual journey that considers the path taken in an evil world.

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The Nature of Humanity
While examples a plenty exist of the nature of humanity in times of turmoil that show a will to gather together to overcome the natural ills that afflict people that many consider evil such as flood, famine, earthquakes, and the ilk of such circumstances nonetheless, in the day to day trials of humanity that include, hunger, equality, justice, and the equal rights of everyone despite, gender, race, culture, ethnicity, age, and preferred life style, there is even among the most advanced philosophical and legal nations great divides in these areas. The fact that if one chooses, to research the facts, there is more slavery that exists today than in any other time in the chronicles of human history shows the evil that pervades the ranks of humans in the 21st century. Considering this in a spiritual journey the becomes a journey fraught with challenges of faith in the promises of a loving and caring Creator.

The question of faith is at the heart of any spiritual journey. Some walk this world where true evil blasts at the faces of everyone willing to see and those who can do nothing more than cling to their faith because they are victims of the evil that pervades. Faith is the most powerful of allies among humanity who recognize their spiritual journey. Faith in the constant love of the Creator – God, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and Allah. These are all the different name for the one God of the Hebrew, Christian, and Muslim. It is this faith in the promise of God that relieves an individual through faith of the burden of the evil that God “allows” in this world for His/her purpose. Through faith the means for living in a world of evil with dignity, salvation, and hope is possible.

Hope is the opiate of every step a person takes in the face of the evil that pervades through the temporal world humans exist. Hope has been likened to blood of life in the face of challenges that every human, rich or poor, safe or in danger, sick or healthy, spiritually alive or spiritually anemic, and is what separates humanity from the rest of God’s creation.

A Spiritual Foundation
Many live in this evil world without a direct connection to a religion but nonetheless find peace through a spiritual connection with the higher self much the same as with the connection of those adhering to a belief in the transcendent and eternal love of God the Creator. A spiritual journey therefore relies on some type of touchstone that may be found in the beauty of a child’s innocent laughter, the sunrise or sunset, the voice of a singer, and the sound of birds singing. Herein, is the hope of life for a release from the evil that surrounds humans at some point somewhere in the world.

Having a spiritual foundation is the essence of having the ability to make it through a world of evil where there is avarice, hate, injustice, and for some ungodliness. These are characteristics of the evil that humans do one to the other and these are the challenges that the spirit of each human being (whether they recognize or acknowledge it) faces in their life journey. For some humans the burden is far greater in just the daily challenge to eat, exist, have shelter, and feel free from danger. For others who are alive amid abundance, safety, and have a sense of who they are the challenges of their journey are far subtler but no less challenging – for these individuals are possibly the most challenged for they are the victims of complacency, of spiritual inertia, and even agnosticism. It is the person who has no sense of the evil in the world because they are living amid the temporal lie of the good and plenty of the material that makes their spiritual journey amid the real evil pervading the world a condemnation of the spirit.

The Purpose of Life
When a human has the consciousness of the existence of a greater being that has created the wonders of the world and there is a true connection devoid of any religious dogma or constraints as to the purpose of their existence then the purpose of his or her life can be understood. The Creator or God has ordained the existence of life in the form of humanity and the spiritual journey placed before every human as their purpose. This is a Holy purpose. It is the spiritual journey in a world where humans are the vehicle of good and evil and it is a purpose that was ordained in the beginning.

The Gift of Free Will
Everyone has their own spiritual journey and everyone will face the challenges of an evil world in different responses. It is the individual who has a personal relationship with the Creator or God that understands this is all merely a test of the sacred gift of free will that every human possesses. The gift of the free will is the power each human has within that is their most secure weapon to overcome the evil their spiritual journey takes them both within and without. It is this simple and it is this complex. The paradox remains that free will is the only weapon against evil but it is also dependent upon the collaboration of the masses in the spiritual journey in world that is evil.

As posited in the introduction the struggle of every human who exists in this world is to find a spiritual base that provides a sanctity from the evil within and without of their spiritual journey. The above has successfully provided one view of this journey and the means for successfully facing and overcoming the evil in this world that challenges every human being.