Information systems are becoming a vital part of the business entities around the globe. In fact, companies that are behind in terms of automation are closing out since they cannot the competition. However, if a technological system is obsolete, it does not create tangible change for a business. The following composition articulates on the best information system for MovieFlix. The essay showcases the reasons for the choice of the selection as well as the potential costs that may be a realization of the system. The other aim of the article is to substantiate on the various ways that the system can cause an upsurge in the level of proceeds.

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MovieFlix as a corporation is likely to pursue tasks that are in the form of data. The instances mean that the workers have high experience of an underlying information system. Therefore, the best information system is one that makes sure that the retrieval of data is in a simpler way that the existing system. The best technological system is one that fulfills the attributes of a warehouse database (Jang, 2014). The database is capable of collecting all information that concerns the business entity. The instance relates to the collection of the history of sales, the statistics of the hiring of workers and the production of reports. The new reports tend to showcase the trends or in other words the information that relates to a group in a relevant manner.

The various grounds for the selection of the database concern the needs of the company. In addition, the nature of the business plus the various activities makes the choice more particular. The different characteristics of the information system also make the system fit the needs of the enterprise.

In detail, there are only two broad types of information systems. The two categories are as per the purpose of transactional or warehousing. The warehouse information system requires that the end user be familiar with basic computer programs. The instance means that there will not be initial costs of training or errors that emanate from erroneous information input. The desire of the employees to upgrade the accessibility of information as well as the simplification of tasks consists of the purposes of the warehouse technological system.

The transaction information system requires a company that has no prior knowledge of basic computer use. The system is also an accessible platform that allows the tracking of the available commodities in a corporation. The system thus does not affect all the requirements that the enterprise needs (Johannesson, 2010). For instance, the system is incapable of solving business problems other than checking the availability of products. Business problems include activities such as highlighting the hiring statistics.

Although training costs may not be a major problem, there is a need to train the employees in order to ensure that they are familiar with the system. The maintenance costs of the system may also prove to be a cost in the future. The system requires security updates as well as the upgrade of features from time to time. Other expenses may result from a clash of the system that may emanate from corruption of the files. In addition, there are initial costs such as the purchase of the system. The procurement of the hardware and the software also is part of the costs. The upgrade of the computer hardware may also prove to be a cost in the future (Rodniski, 2014).

The simplest way is the creation of efficiency in the organization. The instance implies that the employees can attend to more customers and also have more time before they tire. The case also ensures that there are no spills of the company’s stock. The company has a clean record of all sales as well as the costs that emanate from paying the employees. The information is also capable of retrieving all forms of information thus making management of the company easier.

Therefore, in the long run, the company will be able to have more utilization of resources having a wider market share in the market. The customer relationship will thus upgrade once the client service improves. The case develops courtesy of the customers accessing all the products that they anticipate from the entity. With time, the system may be a trigger of brand loyalty that is good for business. In more realistic results, the system will save on space of the documents that a manual system may not keep. The complexity of the job workload also reduces significantly (Liu, 2010). The linking of the business departments also creates a better means of management through tracking.

In conclusion, the warehouse information is the best for the MovieFlix Company. However, the company is at liberty to combine other technological systems to improve the level of execution of activities. With that in mind, the company can employ the methods of Business Intelligence. The systems are an addition to the warehouse system. The data system will be able to assist in managerial decisions. The administrative decisions include the projection of revenues from sales and also produce a summary of all costs in the business. With such a combination, the entity will simplify the activities and processes as well as increase the revenues in the future.