Not every person has somebody inspiring in their life. They don’t have that person in their life that they can look up to or show them the way. Luckily, I have that person to look up to. Most of my childhood, my father didn’t seem to be a role model but actually more of a misfortune. When I started to grow more mature, I soon realized how much of a blessing he has been in my life. While reflect on the accomplishments and sacrifices my dad has made to keep our family going, made my father became my instant hero. My father is not only brave, but he is also humble and caring.

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My father is very brave. Coming from a poor family, the struggles they have been through have caused him to make sacrifices. At the age of 12, he joined the Somali Gendarmerie, (a local force established by the British) to make some extra money for the family. Becoming a soldier at a young age was a very difficult decision not for him but for his family. This meant that he was risking his life, but for my father, risks are just possibilities. My father is a very confident man. Back when Siad Barre, a dictator in Somalia discovered my father was a threat, he tried his best to take down my father. Even after my dad resigned in the election as president of Somalia in 1969, he was jailed by the military dictator for speaking out against the regime. He was held for 14 years: six years of house arrest and eight years of jail time. It was hard on my father spending time in jail, but every time my mother visited him, he showed her how strong and patient he was. Sometimes, my mother took the strength away from him. She broke down a lot, whimpering and sobbing.

My mother always wondered if she will ever hold his hand again or if she will ever have him sleep by her side. Being the man he was, my father bravely assured her that he would be there for her and showed her the love he would forever have. My father was such the husband that every girl wished to marry, so that made my mother a lucky wife. When he was in court, the judge asked him if he was against Siad Barre’s policy. My father emphasized that what he was doing was wrong because at that time my father would’ve been killed because the rule was that if someone was against Siad Barre, they had to be killed. My father was a symbol of bravery and represented confidence. The only thing my dad was scared of was Berre harming our family. Although at this time I wasn’t alive, I learned that all the misfortune my father had me been through was all because he was protecting his family being brave and confident are traits that I want to inherit and grow with.

My father is very a unpretentious guy, the most humble person I have ever known. Ever since I was a kid, I saw my father helping poor people with money, food or clothes. When my mother got pregnant, he decided to lead the project of building the biggest hospital in Mogadishu, Somalia. He named the hospital after the child in my mother’s womb at the time, Madina. It was free for people going through poverty. Furthermore, every time he saw someone in need sitting on the street, he gave them money, and bought them food in any restaurant nearby. Little insignificant acts of kindness I’ve seen my father do, soon started inspiring me. He was a role model to me because of the way he inspired others to help make a change. My dear father, Mohamed Abshir was not just a role model, but my true hero.
My father is a very loving and caring person. I have never seen my father mistreating or commit a cruel act to anyone. Even to his bodyguards, he always treated them as one member of the family. They ate at the same table that he ate at. They all loved my father as a brother. He helped my mother’s family by always supporting them with money or any visa needed for traveling. My uncle applied for the American visa in 1988 but they rejected his application. Once he asked my father to help him, and without any hesitation, he assisted him. Even though my father was having a meeting that day, he canceled it for the sake of my uncle. My father applied the visa for my uncle, and he got the visa that same day. Knowing all the good my father has done and the goals he achieved, he motivates not just me but the Somalian society to also be more caring and help replace frowns with smiles.

Most heroes don’t even realize that their acts of kindness have been inspiring to others. They would be too humble and modest to even consider themselves as a person of courage. In my case, I’m fortunate enough to have someone as my role model but privileged to have mine live in the same house as me. Not only has he protected me from harm, but has sacrificed himself to care for my family. My father has done acts that all represent love, bravery and humbleness. When it comes to academics, my father has always been there to encourage me. Knowing all he has been through, he is my motivation, and he is what pushes and drives me to reach and complete even my most difficult tasks. Even when he was my age, he has done astonishing things to keep his poverty-stricken family going. Although in my younger ages I have been unappreciative to my father, I’m glad and proud I have such a man as my hero. My sweet papa is my hero, and that makes me blessed and fortunate to have such an inspiring role model in my life.