In general, I am interested in staying fit and healthy but also in going to new places and trying new things. I have a wide variety of interests because there is so much in life to enjoy that it is difficult to only focus on a few things. I believe in the importance of a balanced life and that there are truly beneficial effects that having such a balance has. I think it can really increase one’s general happiness and satisfaction with day-to-day life. I try to reflect this belief in the actions I take throughout the day, so I try to make sure I engage in both adventurous as well as calming and familiar activities. I mostly love fast-paced activities and taking risks, but I get a lot out of quieter moments and therefore take the time to stop and breathe.

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The things that grab my attention most in life are fast paced: cars, adventure movies, travel, and unplanned adventures. They are things that often go together stereotypically, but that is because they all involve elements of risk and surprise. Cars are beautiful and allow you to go new places quickly, but they can also be very dangerous. Adventure movies are my favorite movie category because they keep you on the edge of your seat by putting the characters in harm for much of the movie. When traveling to new places, there is so much out of your control that it is almost impossible for everything to go perfectly safely and smoothly. Engaging in unplanned adventures can include things such as trying new foods from different cultures. When trying new foods, one could greatly dislike the food or even become ill.

All of these fast-past activities that I love have the potential to not always end well, but they make life interesting. They are interesting because without trying new things, life would always be the same. I do not like doing the same thing every day because it gets very boring. Cars can be dangerous and extravagant, but they make the road interesting; while going on different adventures, you can see what other nice looking cars are out there in the world helping people explore. Cars are also always changing which is what keeps that industry so interesting. Each company is always working on a new model and in general there are continually new types of cars. They even make electric sports cars.

Just like how cars make life more exciting, when traveling and trying new activities you have the potential to meet new people that you may never have known before which can completely change your life. When traveling, there have been so many foods that I tried and now love that I would never even know about if I had not decided to go for it and try. For example, I now like sushi because I tried it once when someone suggested it. I also like spicy foods, which are sometimes scary to try. Even the food I end up not liking is still exciting to try because I like learning about different people’s preferences. You can also try new foods by just seeing the kinds of things your friends have. I like to try my friends’ favorite foods because people can have very different tastes and I think that is really great. I have even tried some vegetarian foods I would not have tried on my own because a friend suggested it to me when they were eating it.

Though I really enjoy the excitement and learning experiences that come from my more fast-paced interests, I would not be completely happy without the time I give for my brain and my body to work together, relax, and grow. I like engaging in physical activity because even though it gets your heart rate going, it helps to balance out the more adventurous behaviors because it gives me a time to focus on myself, my performance, and how my mind and body are doing. In addition to this, it is also a great way to blow off some steam with my friends. Even though we might be working hard, hanging out with my friends is a great way to relax. Everyone needs to spend time with their friends.

Some of the more relaxing and routine activities I like to do are going to the gym and also playing basketball with my friends. I think physical fitness is really important so I try to go to the gym regularly. I like to set fitness goals for myself and try my best to achieve them. In addition to going to the gym by myself, I always love a game of basketball with my friends. It works out my mind as well as my body and it is a great way to socialize. Sometimes it is even a good way to meet new people who are there playing basketball, too. Another way that I like to stay in shape is to go jogging early in the morning. Running is one of the best ways to stay healthy so I like to keep it as a regular part of my routine. Not only is running great for the body, but it can be calming for the mind. I especially like going in the mornings because it is quiet and also cool outside. Even though staying fit and healthy is really important to me, I also enjoy watching TV in my free time. It is always a great way to zone out, especially since there are so many good shows on right now. It is a more passive activity but there are so many really engaging shows and it is also a nice break for my body.

Those are all of the things that I like most, but since I am almost always ready to try something new, I am sure I will have more things to do in my free time soon. I will definitely keep playing basketball, going to the gym, jogging, and watching TV, though, because I think it is the familiarity of those things, in addition to the health benefits, that gives those activities a balancing effect. I like to try new things but I think those familiar activities help to make the exciting activities exciting rather than chaotic. It is also sometimes hard to get my friends to do the newer activities with me and it is important to me to spend time with them. I also think it might be interesting to try new workouts as a way to introduce some adventure into my fitness routine. Like I said, I like a lot of things but I think it is hard not to when there is so much to try and do.