The most important things learned from the video is that where we were has led to where we are now, and where we are now offers the opportunity to an abundant future. Much of the growth and may of the benefits that are available today are due to the technological advances made and that will continue to be made, on an exponential basis. Two essential components necessary for this is to look past the ubiquitous dismal and dismaying news, and to look forward to “A Life of Possibility” utilizing the abundance of technology that is available.
An excellent example is the story of aluminum, when in the mid 19th century it was worth more than silver, gold or platinum, and only through technological advancement that it is now available so cheaply it is a “throw away” product.

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Also by glancing back it provides the opportunity to see how far we have advanced in areas such as poverty and that even what defines poverty has changed. Before it meant no shelter, food, clothing, whereas now many of those at poverty level have the essentials in life.

At present there is iCloud, robotics, 3D printers and nano materials, all technological items that are also growing exponentially, providing the opportunity that as the population grows so does the circumstance to provide for those in the future such as, desalinisation, eco-energy, and hand-held healthcare to prevent global pandemics, and as further technology increases so do the possibilities.

In the years to come more people will have access to technology, the internet and communication, and with new people, new ideas and concepts where possibilities are abundant. Just as the story with the woman from Manchester, who was the best “folder” in the Fold It game, without the technological advances who would have know? The answer is this, listen to the news, do not absorb it, instead consider the potential of what is possible, and build on that.

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