Our personal experiences often shape our choices in life. As a patient advocate for head and neck oncology surgeons, I have developed deep insights into the needs and concerns of different stakeholders in the healthcare field including medical professionals and patients. The role of healthcare providers such as nurses have changed a lot as they are now seen as valuable partners in improving healthcare metrics as well as operating efficiency of the organization. The nursing profession is increasingly embracing the notion that healthcare should be holistic in nature because the progress of patients is not just influenced by the professional competency of the healthcare professionals but also the psychological state of the patients. As a prospective nursing professional, I intend to promote the holistic approach to patientcare because it serves the best interest of those who trust us with their care.

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I am motivated to study nursing because my strengths are a great fit to the courses required by the nursing curriculum. It is important for me to excel in my chosen profession, and my ability to succeed as a nursing professional will also be determined by my learning as a nursing student. I must also reveal that an undergraduate in nursing will not be the end of my formal nursing education, as I also plan to study nursing at a graduate level to further enhance my academic credentials.

I am confident I will succeed in the nursing profession because I have the soft skills that are highly desired in the healthcare profession. These soft skills include communication skills, collaborative skills, social skills, teamwork skills, cross-cultural skills, empathy, time management, and organizational skills. In addition, my personal values are aligned with the values that guide the nursing profession such as promoting the best interests of the patients, continuous learning, and community service.

I will be a great addition to the nursing program because my professional experiences will enable me to make valuable contributions to the class discussion. There are not many students in the undergraduate nursing program with prior experiences in the healthcare sector, so my insights will help them gain a better understanding of nursing practice.

The growing demand for nurses has also influenced my decision to study nursing. My research confirms that the nursing profession will continue to grow at a rapid pace all over the world and not just in the U.S, thanks to emerging factors such as aging population and advancements in medical sciences that are helping people live longer than before. Some observors predict that it will not be unusual for a significant proportion of the population to live for more than hundred years in the near future. The estimations by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also confirm that the nursing profession will grow at a rate that is faster than the average of all professions. Hence, it is a great time to study nursing due to bright career prospects for nursing students.

I am excited to take my first step towards a career in nursing. My experiences as a patient advocate have persuaded me that I will be able to make more difference in improving healthcare metrics as a nursing professional. My professional experiences will allow me to enrich the learning experiences of fellow nursing students. I hope my undergraduate education in nursing will not only provide a strong foundation for professional career but also future goals such as a graduate education in nursing. In addition to my full-time job, I plan to volunteer my expertise and time to serve some of the most neglected population groups.