This letter is written with respect to your posting for an Accounting: Audit and Tax Position at [Company Name.] Enclosed please find my resume for your review and consideration. I am a seasoned professional who would bring to the position, a wealth of educational and on the job experience, including extensive analytical work. Academically, I have excelled in course work in Economics and will be completing additional degree work in the areas of Political Economy (B.A.) and Legal Studies (B.A.) in mid-2017.Professional, I would bring to the Audit and Tax position, extensive experience in data analytics. My proficiency in this realm has enable me to develop my present company’s web presence and to gear the same for both internal and user interface. Through management of the data collection and analytics process, I have developed a feel for the intricacies, precision, and at times, forensics required in an accounting and/or audit function.
Having been charged with bottom line responsibilities throughout my professional career thus far, I have a well-developed understanding of the cost and budgeting process, as well as the attendant accounting and finance functions. I am adept at meeting both external and internal constituent demands and deadlines, as well as adhering to strict reporting and performance or output requirements. My proficiencies with respect to inventory control, revenue management, and marketing, are also well suited to the Accounting: Audit and Tax position that you seek.
From a macro level, my academic background in business, economics, and legal studies will enable me to bring operational sensitivities to such position from both an internal and external perspective. Because the accounting, audit and tax functions are often grounded in rule based or regulatory functions, my educational and professional experience would be beneficial in practice.
I welcome an opportunity to meet and discuss further with you, the Accounting: Audit and Tax position. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Very truly yours,

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