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Individual Project Data Driven Statistics

In most research, the independent/predictor variable and dependent/response variable are determined before the start of the study. They may be identified by intuition, theory, or experiment. For example, if one variable is gender and the other is memory for phone numbers, intuition would indicate that the predictor variable is gender...

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Research Elementary Statistics Article

Answer to question 1 The normative sample can be described as the test takers who had been included in the sample. In this case they are 35,302 in number. SE, on the other hand, is inherently the measure of the statistical estimate which in this case is the RPR. The...

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The Impact of the Millennial Generation on Managerial Accounting

Managerial Accounting is an essential tool in assisting managers to effectively plan and control their organizations. The main focus of Managerial Accounting is to provide information to internal decision makers, allowing them to make informed decisions on the operational and strategic development of their company. The millennial generation’s arrival to...

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Accounting Analysis

One of the chief accounts that relates to the strategy of Sprint is the company’s year over year growth in postpaid wireless customers. The company’s accounting from the first quarter of 2017 reveals that it added 88,000 net postpaid customers during the previous fiscal year. This is a significant addition....

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Accounting Fraud Case

Assuming I owned a restaurant with more than three employees, I would need to take many steps in order to protect my company from fraudulent use of cash. For instance, I would need to have technology in place to ensure that every order was accounted for. Much fraud in these...

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