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Individual Project Data Driven Statistics

In most research, the independent/predictor variable and dependent/response variable are determined before the start of the study. They may be identified by intuition, theory, or experiment. For example, if one variable is gender and the other is memory for phone numbers, intuition would indicate that the predictor variable is gender...

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Research Elementary Statistics Article

Answer to question 1 The normative sample can be described as the test takers who had been included in the sample. In this case they are 35,302 in number. SE, on the other hand, is inherently the measure of the statistical estimate which in this case is the RPR. The...

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The Impact of the Millennial Generation on Managerial Accounting

Managerial Accounting is an essential tool in assisting managers to effectively plan and control their organizations. The main focus of Managerial Accounting is to provide information to internal decision makers, allowing them to make informed decisions on the operational and strategic development of their company. The millennial generation’s arrival to...

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Accounting Analysis

One of the chief accounts that relates to the strategy of Sprint is the company’s year over year growth in postpaid wireless customers. The company’s accounting from the first quarter of 2017 reveals that it added 88,000 net postpaid customers during the previous fiscal year. This is a significant addition....

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Accounting Fraud Case

Assuming I owned a restaurant with more than three employees, I would need to take many steps in order to protect my company from fraudulent use of cash. For instance, I would need to have technology in place to ensure that every order was accounted for. Much fraud in these...

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Fraud and Audit Standards

This matter concerns an audit of Jersey Johnnie’s Surfboards Inc., and allegations concerning accounting improprieties and concerns regarding accurate financial reporting. Internal investigation has been commenced, and outside legal counsel has been engaged to review the matter. 1. In response to the foregoing, company management, the Board of Directors, or...

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Analysis of Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd

The Mission and Overall Strategy AnalysisVirgin Australia Holdings Limited was established in 2000 as Virgin Blue Airlines. It was part of the Strategic Business Units pursued by Virgin Atlantic in the Australian domestic airline market. The company owns many aircraft such as Embraer E-190 and E170 along with Boeing 737-700...

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Best Practices in Strategic Planning and Policy

Best practices in strategic planning and policy require businesses to predict the financial position in different situations. Managers access past results to plan and predict what can happen in the future. They can also determine the resources and capital necessary to move forward with a project. There are many theories...

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Essay on Careers in Accounting

AbstractThis paper describes why a person would major in accounting and the possible careers, namely accountants and auditors, which a person could pursue. It describes the educational requirements to become an auditor as well as the certifications an auditor can get (but which are not required). The Institute of Internal...

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Final Project Advanced Accounting

AbstractFASB has continually issued and revised the consolidation standards over time. The current consolidation guideline has different rules for the accounting for variable interest entities, non-controlling interests, and off-balance sheet transactions. It was developed to discourage the abuse of off-balance-sheet transactions for tax purposes. Consequently, there are different presentation and...

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Forensic Accounting Case Study Week 6

Abstract Gregg Mulholland’s case, which involved money laundering and the violation of Sections 5(a) and 5(c) of the Securities Act of 1933 has been selected for the present case. The case revolved around a pump and dump scheme through which Mulholland misled investors to buy the shares of thinly capitalized...

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Accounting Aims: General Overview

The world of accounting has been lauded in some cases and come under fire in others. Specifically, there have been times when the world of accounting has been seen as the gatekeeper for the public, providing individuals with information in a fair and accurate manner so they can make decisions...

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Challenges of Adoption and Convergence of IFRS

Introduction and Purpose StatementThe ever-increasing globalization and integration of international financial markets have given rise to the need for harmonized international accounting standards. The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has responded to the need mentioned above by developing the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and encouraging accounting bodies around the...

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The Difference Between Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are sometimes used interchangeably in the business environment; however, they are not the same thing. Although bookkeepers sometimes perform some of the duties of accountants and vice versa, they in no way serve the same purpose, require the same expertise, or accomplish the same tasks and goals....

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Major Ethics Issues in Accounting

Ethics is usually perceived as a set of moral principles and values that guide perception, behavior, and judgment of society members (Armstrong et al., 2003). Accounting profession maintains its own ethical standards and principles, which all members of accounting profession are required to adhere to. Ethics is vital for accounting...

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Accounting Assignment: Accounting Standard Update (2015-11)

IntroductionThe FASB often issues accounting standard updates (ASU) with an aim of improving best practices in accounting. Among the most recent update that has been released by the FASB, is ASU 2015-11. This update simplifies previously issued guidance through which an entity was required to measure inventory at the market...

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Accounting Standards: The Development of Accounting Standards

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is an independent organization that establishes the acceptable accounting standards. FASB’s has a set process involving ten steps for setting accounting standards. The process is designed to facilitate continuous improvement of accounting standards and incorporating a variety of viewpoints from stakeholders (FASB, n.d.). The...

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Fraud Control in Accounting

The accounting field is and has always been a sensitive one area of specialization. Therefore, accountants are expected to act in an ethical manner. One of the most pressing issues in this field is fraud control. Fraudsters do not necessarily have to be accountants. Anyone that has access to an...

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What Is Managerial Accounting?

Managerial Accounting is a discipline that deals with financial information that is vital for an organization to make efficient decisions. Primarily, managerial accounting handles aspects such as budgetary development and asset and cost management. In addition to that, Managerial accounting deals with the preparation of an organization’s financial report to...

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Company Analysis Assignment: Assignment Requirement Part 1

Step One: Identify interests and related Job TitlesMy dream job is to become an investment banker for Wells Fargo. In essence, this the kind of job that I prefer because of my personality. Firstly, I consider that I am an introvert. This is mainly because I tend to work best...

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