Physical education involves sportsmanship. That is a spirit of not afraid to try again and again, plus never give up. Be proud of what you did was the best that you can be is also important. Sportsmanship can apply to all situations in life. The most obvious one is in sports, which the spirits of teamwork and sportsmanship are expected. Team players encourage one another to cheer for success and to strive for faults are expected.

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The whole team works together as one; not blaming or pointing fingers when fail. Self-reflection should be positive and hold the purpose of finding resolutions for improvement. Competition within the team amongst team players should be positive at all times. We do not tolerate hatred on my teams. We all are a family; we all should love one another like our own family regardless of color, race, and social status, etc. Students in the middle school age group between 12 and 15 years old should build good citizen qualities, such as sportsmanship, responsibilities, and honesty, etc. There shall be a balance between study and sports.

Many studies have found that physical activities have an impact on improving academic performances. As students exercise, they get to have better respiration and other health conditions. Students can be more alert when studying. A balance between academic performance and physical activities is essential in participating on our teams. Therefore, the want of having physical activities will be a positive reward in the behavioral and academic plan. That means students are expected to complete all their academic assignments in their best qualities to reward for physical activities.

Team players who have trouble doing so will be sent to study hall for extra help. However, those who refuse to do so will have timeouts on practices and/or games. Close communication amongst teachers will be on-going to make sure all students on our teams are on point. Parents and legal guardians involvement is also crucial. Students’ behaving at home affects their behaviors at school as well. Students are expected to be at their best at home as well as in school. Building the automatic motivation from students in studying and in sports is what we all would like to see. In short, the team players on our teams must have good citizen qualities and do their best academically.

There are a few activities that will be done to recruit team players. One of them is the usual teams’ tryouts; boys and girls teams. Students who are interested can come and tryout for the teams; they have to commit to do their very best academically and physically. Sportsmanship is the key. Depending on their interests, the type of teams include the two basketball teams, two soccer teams, one baseball and one softball team, two tennis teams, and two volleyball teams. Additional teams could happen depending on the number of players interested and the budget allotted from our school.

However, the mentioned five types of teams would be opened for tryouts. Depending on the specific sport, the number of accepted team players varies between 12 to 18 players. Another way to recruit team players is through different fundraising activities. Carnivals are usually welcomed. Besides the basic expenses, the rest of the donation goes to the teams’ expenses. We can have volunteers make lemonade to sell at the carnival. Those who volunteer get service credits and they can choose to volunteer on our teams as well. There can also be a donation at the admission as well. A third way to recruit team players is from word-of-mouths. Students can help spread out the news and help recruiting team players, in earning service credits in return. Throughout these activities, we hope to build all students sportsmanship and great responsibilities.