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Ad Campaign

Rhetorical Analysis of Proactiv Commercial Ad

Commercial ads tend to inform and persuade intended customers into purchasing a certain product. Once customers have seen the ad, they tend to make informed decisions on whether to buy a certain product or not. In some instances, companies make use of celebrities for the purposes of appealing to their...

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The Arab World and Its Influence on Advertising

The Arab world has a significant influence on advertising but not just in the manner most think of first. Until recently, little advertisement occurred on television as the stations owned by the government had strict control over the content. Very little advertising happened in government owned media as the government...

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Deceptive Advertising

The Code of Ethics is a guiding document such that when a product is release onto the market and one violates their ethics or the ethics of the marketplace by using deceptive advertising, the consumer losses as does the company committing the deception. The ethical issue of false advertising can...

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Mini Advertisement Campaign

PART A Creation of Brief Why are we advertising? To raise our product’s awareness in the market, leading to high sales. To whom are advertising? Our advertisement is directed towards both existing and new customers What do they currently think? Currently they think our competitors can offer better products and...

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Usability Evaluation

Online surveys have become very popular, both in professional research and for amateurs who are looking for entertainment or conducting informal research. While free online survey platforms such as Survey Monkey and QuestionPro can provide an easy way to conduct a survey for the average person, designing, delivering and determining...

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The Echo Chamber of Advertising

Abstract We seem to be stuck in what some have called an “echo chamber” of advertising, one in which corporations do all or most of the talking and the rest of us are condemned to listen. Two aspects of the problems with advertising were focused on. The first is the...

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Ad Campaigns

Have you ever seen commercials that are so good that you remember the service or product when you hear the slogans or see the beginning of the ads? Nike - "Just do it"? McDonalds - "I'm loving it"? Advertisements are one of the most important elements in marketing campaigns. It...

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