Have you ever seen commercials that are so good that you remember the service or product when you hear the slogans or see the beginning of the ads? Nike – “Just do it”? McDonalds – “I’m loving it”? Advertisements are one of the most important elements in marketing campaigns. It is essential to create advertisements that fit the target audience to get their attention to attract them to consume the service or product. This article written by Meg Cabrera (2016) addressed the top 10 best advertisement campaigns, along with helpful tips in creating one as well. The fourth ad is the best, in my opinion.

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After viewing these 10 clips of the 10 advertisement campaigns, I feel that there are ads that are from popular companies or brands, but might not be such a good ad overall; where others could be unexpectedly well done. The tenths place ad from this article is called “I Will What I Want, Under Armour from USA” (Cabrera, 2016). I was watching this ad patiently for more than 30 seconds, but it was just talking about a lady who wanted to become the ballerina of the designated company. It had nothing much directly about Under Armour to me. Until the very end of the ad, I finally made a connection. I think this ad could be improved to make the connection comes a little earlier in the ad. The eighth ad is called “Share A Coke, Coca-Cola’s Global Campaign” (Cabrera, 2016). It is a creative idea to add people’s names on the can to attract young adults; however, this is just a short-term burst like having a souvenir. This might not last long. However, if the purpose of this ad is to attract new consumers all over the world, this is a successful ad.

The fourth ad is called “Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables, Intermache from France” (Cabrera, 2016). This is my favorite ad of these top 10 ads. I like it because the idea is meaningful – make irregular appearance fruits and vegetables in use like any other ones. With a discounted price, consumers are willing to buy them, especially housewives. Too bad I am not in France; otherwise, I would have bought them, too. As long as the fruits and vegetables are not rotten and kept the freshness, I do not mind how they look like at all. This is a successful ad and I hope this idea can be spread to other countries all over the world, especially to the United States.
Meg highlights four lessons we can learn when creating an advertising campaign: knowing your goals, know your target market, craft your message clearly, and choose your channel well. Like I mentioned in my reflection on these top 10 ads, I strongly agree that some of these ads did not address these messages clear enough that cause confusion. Many of the ads did not target their audience properly. My favorite advertising campaign from these top 10 ad about buying fruits and vegetables at a discounted price really stick on my mind. Now I say that is a successful and awesome advertising campaign of all. First, it knows its goal – to promote fruits and vegetables regardless of their appearances. Then, it knows its target market – housewives and mainly parents with kids who look for fresh fruits and vegetables. Next, it crafts its message very clearly. I got their message from the start and throughout the ad. I was not confused at all. Last, but not least, it chose an appropriate channel – a short ad with real-life related examples to build rapport. I just love that ad!

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