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Addiction and Health Promotion

When considering a clinical question for nursing practice, it is important to be certain that the question is one that has an appropriate population, an appropriate intervention to be tried, a comparison made with current practice, and outcomes (measures of whether the intervention was significantly better than the interventions being...

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Substance vs. Process Addictions

Addictions are an acute problem in the 21st century. According to the Centers for Disease Control of the U.S., 8.9% of individuals surveyed in 2010 indicated they had engaged in illicit drug abuse during the previous month. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported 15.5 - 38.6 million people worldwide had...

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The Criminalization of Addiction

Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan are just a few of the artists and actors who have suffered from drug addiction problems. However, hundreds of thousands of others also suffer from these problems. Sadly, our society has chosen to criminalize their problems, rather than treat them as...

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Gambling Affects Brain Like Drugs

The study reported by ABC News about gambling was done thoroughly and accurately. ABC News began by stating who published the study. This gave the article credibility because it gives the reader the ability to check their source and verify the statements made. This sets up the rest of the...

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Addiction And Its Effect

Addiction comes by the various neuroadaptive alterations that take place in different circuits in the brain. Evidence implies that the long lasting changes in the brain are responsible for the distortions of emotional and cognitive functioning that addicts are characterized of more specifically the mandatory to use drugs. Addiction is...

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