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Drug Addiction Center Coursework

Medication is an essential process in the management and control of the aspects challenges associated with drug addiction and dependence. This is achieved through the strategic application of the suitable drugs to the victims to promote a progressive recovery process. Our Department has the role of foreseeing all the entities...

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Smartphone Addiction

Modern technology can help people feel much closer to each other. In the old days, it would take weeks, if not months, for a letter to go across the country, and take days to travel to visit someone across the state.  Even with a telephone, you could only talk to...

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History of Cocaine

The drug sometimes referred to as coke, blow, snow, and powder has a very strange reputation in Western culture. It has been innocuously associated with Coca-Cola for years, the super famous soft drink being derived from the same plant from which the powerful central nervous system (CNS) stimulant comes. It...

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Trafficking of Cocaine

Drug trafficking is an illegal business that involves the production, sales and distribution of substances prohibited by laws. Cocaine is among the drugs being trafficked to America from regions like Columbia due to its lucrative nature and consumption levels within this market. Even though there are strict legal provisions and...

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Cocaine’s Effect on the Brain

Psychoactive drugs like cocaine affect the brain in severe ways. Cocaine is a powerful stimulant and an addictive drug, often used for recreational use. People snort cocaine, also referred to as coke, blow or rock, through the nose or rub it into their gums; others inject it into their veins...

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