It was early in the morning when I opened my door and heard a weird sound outside. Once I was down the stairs, I saw an image that filled me with compassion. A bird was lying there with what seemed like a broken left foot and I knew that there and then I had to help this little creature. I must admit that I knew very little about treating an injured bird let alone treating myself when I scratch my hands. Through a little internet search, I realized I needed to throw a small towel or bracket over the bird so that it does not fly away. Luckily, I also saw a bird rescue league and after dialing their number, I was happy to hear they were within the city. I called my mum and asked her to come home and drive me to the bird rescue league so that the bird could get the help it needed. My mum was not so enthusiastic about the whole idea because she had a busy day at the mall where she worked, but she agreed to come. I got to work. I searched for a cage in our garage and found one, which I proceeded to prepare with napkins and torn old clothes. Once the cage was ready, I felt I needed to feed the bird because it could be hungry. I boiled an egg, cut it into small bits, and gave the bird after removing the towel I had thrown on top of it. The bird was scared to eat at first, but eventually, it did. However, when I went inside to bring some water, I had some noise. My heart skipped a bit at what I saw. A neighbor’s cat was attacking the bird. I tried to throw the towel on top of the bird but I was a bit scared and so the bird was running away. I ran to the gardener and asked him to help catch the bird and he grabbed it by the ribs and put it in the cage. He closed the cage saying, “Why such a fuss about one bird? There are so many out there, one less won’t make a difference.”
Since my childhood, I have always loved animals. My desire to help animals, though, developed when my puppy died of sickness. This is what inspired me volunteer in animal shelters. Here, I am able to connect with the animals by feeding them, washing them, and playing with them. In my years in high school, I have volunteered in Archelon Turtle and it was very satisfying. It is from these experiences that I realized that animals form strong relationships with humans. However, despite this, many are abandoned and need someone who understands the essence of animal rights and even human rights in general. When animals are taken care of, even human rights are protected because there are people like me who do not like to see animals mistreated or in deplorable conditions. Being a curious student, I love to see solutions to problems and when animals are in need of love, the solution to go and give it to them.

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I live by the philosophy spread by Barry Kipperman that animals are special beings because they give love and not disappointments like human beings. Despite the fact that we have to live in the society caring for each other as human beings, animals do not demand anything just love them. It is my desire to work with animals all my life and focus on protecting their rights at all cost. It is a great gift to get the privilege to care and protect these special beings.