1. Why are you choosing the post-baccalaureate ND program at Bastyr to complete your ND prerequisite?
I have always wanted to become a doctor as long as I can remember, someone capable of preventing and alleviating pain and suffering in others. I believe this to be a great privilege, to be able to care for others. I derive joy from seeing people cured and healthy. I have a few doctors in my family and most of my parent’s friends are doctors, as well. My grandfather’s experience with Ayurvedic medicine inspired my interest in herbal medicine specifically. He had suffered from a terminal illness for which there was no reprieve with allopathic medicine. His parents took him to a homeopathic doctor, and through the use of yoga, meditation, and herbal supplements, my grandfather improved and was eventually cured. This experience created a strong interest in me for natural medicine.

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Bastyr College is well known as being one of the leading institutions for natural medicine in the country. This fact makes it a very important choice for any student who is interested in natural healing and naturopathic medicine. The post-baccalaureate ND program at Bastyr is designed to enable students meet the requisites for entry into the naturopathic program. I hope to be admitted into the naturopathic medicine program in this school as it will help me fulfil my ambition of being a naturopathic doctor and help people to achieve good health and healing in safe and natural ways. To that goal, I believe that doing a post-baccalaureate at this institution will assure that I receive the perquisite training that will help me gain entrance into the program. I also believe that since the post-baccalaureate program is designed by Bastyr College that the curriculum and environment will provide invaluable knowledge and background that will help me transition smoothly into the main program. It also represents for me, an opportunity to assure that I am fully grounded in the foundational knowledge that I need to enter a study of study in naturopathic medicine. I intend to use opportunity to familiarize myself with naturopathic principles and history in a more informed way, and to be able to engage more with the concepts that I will be taught if admitted into the main program, as I hope for.

2. Being a student of naturopathetic medicine requires four years of rigorous, intensive academic effort. Please discuss any personal or professional accomplishments that demonstrate your ability to perform at this level.

As a program that deals with human life and health, academic rigor and intensive effort is expected in studying naturopathic medicine. I am aware that being a student of naturopathic medicine would involve utmost discipline and commitment to my studies. I know that I have to be very attentive and focus diligently on my studies, as I would have to apply the knowledge gained to people’s lives. I believe that a key prerequisite to be able to undertake such rigorous training is an understanding of the strong need for this form of medicine and a personal philosophy that combines caring for people with safe, natural healing. I have an unwavering interest and commitment to the natural medicine based on the experiences of healing within my family, both my grandfather’s and my own experience. After suffering from the side effects from antibiotics I was given at the doctor’s office for infections, I decided to use ayurvedic medicine for my own personal health. Not only was I healed of the problems for which I used to go to the doctor, I am also in good health without any such infections re-occurring. Therefore, I have the conviction, determination, and sense of purpose needed to enroll and complete this program.

In terms of related academic experiences, I am currently a neuroscience major, a subject I love and one in which I am doing very well. As a child, I had always found the brain to be mysterious and wanted to study it. This major also involves studying basic sciences that are relevant to continued studies in medicine. I had previously chosen biology as my major but found that I was not doing well. Ever since I changed to neuroscience, my GPA has being on an upwards trajectory. I find that when I am interested in a subject, I am able to engage in in-depth study and connect deeply with the concepts being taught. I have the same deep interest and deep commitment to studying naturopathic medicine. I know medicine is competitive but I am committed to working hard and putting out my best performance towards this goal.

Lastly, as a result of my interest in medicine, I take summer sessions in school as well as spend time working at my cousin’s clinical practice in Palm Springs, California. I have met homeopathic and naturopathic doctors. I am fascinated by their work as primary care physicians and relish opportunities to hear their stories and engage them in conversation about their educational and clinical experiences. Being admitted into college of naturopathic medicine and the opportunity it will provide to care for people will be a great privilege for me. I hope to contribute to the program by being a stellar student. At the same time, I will not hesitate to ask for help where I need it, or take advantage of the resources provided by the school to help students succeed. I intend to participate fully in the program and perform my academic responsibilities in ways that are a credit to the institution’s goals as well as my personal goals.