As an aspiring interior designer, I hope to bring innovation and professionalism to both commercial and residential spaces. Rather than focusing on tangible results, I instead focus on the process with the assurance that a successful process will lead to a successful career. By that, I mean that I hope to cultivate skills and a client approach that will allow me to provide future clients with precisely what they want or need. By serving clients with a high degree of imagination, I suspect that my reputation will be strong and my work will be respected. At some point in the not-distant future, I would like to have a reputation strong enough to start my own interior design firm.

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I know that my education at the Art Institute of Houston will play a critical role in helping me reach these goals. The professors there understand more than just theoretical design. Rather, they understand how to work in a practical manner that serves the needs of clients. From them, I will learn not only the skills that will bring my imagination alive, but also the elements of professionalism that will distinguish me in this crowded and competitive industry.

This will only be possible if I invest daily in my education. I will first take advantage of classroom opportunities, but education must extend beyond that. Knowing that my professors and fellow students hold a wealth of knowledge that could be used to help me moving forward, I will invest substantial time in learning from those individuals. Likewise, I hope to take advantage of any volunteer and internship opportunities that will allow me to build important relationships in the industry and gain practical experience. I am open to any and all opportunities that will prepare me to be a high-level designer from day one.