The significant positive as well as negative effects that the processes of urbanization and industrialization have had on numerous cities and regions are unmistakable. Growing up, my curiosity and imagination on how I could change my urban neighborhood to be perfect has always ignited a passion in me for beauty and perfection. This same passion drove my pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in architecture as well as my current pursuit of a Master of Arts in Urban Sustainability and a career in the field of architecture and architectural design. However, my application to the Master of Arts in Urban Sustainability program in Antioch University Los Angeles (AULA) is informed by a multiplicity of factors including the program components as well as personal and professional reasons. Nonetheless, the ideal goal I seek to accomplish is not only directed to beauty and perfection of urban neighborhoods but also to position myself at levels where I can influence positive change especially through policy.
Relatedly, the components of AULA’s MA in Urban Sustainability Program will provide me with greater knowledge and skills which, if I am to influence positive change in urban development, I will have to acquire. The university’s website providing general information on the program paints an almost exact picture of what I would like to achieve, personally, professionally and much more especially by gaining understanding of associated managerial aspects such as policy making and social justice (AULA par.3). As such, the knowledge and skills I acquire will enable me to positively influence modern architecture and change especially in the urban landscape while also enhancing my overall professional capabilities for a stellar career in architecture and architectural design. The utilization of a practitioner-based approach that stresses environmental equity and social justice in AULA’s MA in Urban Sustainability Program will help to enhance my hands-on skills and practical experience in initiating positive change in urban environments.

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Further, the program also provides a great mix of learning modes including online projects, classroom instruction and seminars as well as site visits that are bound to mold me into a well-rounded individual and expert in architectural design. This provides me with the flexibility that I need to pursue a career in architectural design while enhancing my professional capabilities through higher education as I continue to work for KDL Architects in Los Angeles as an architectural designer. Additionally, my enquiries of the program reveal that it as one of the greatest programs offered by a variety of renowned universities which will further enhance my credibility even though my hard work and dedication, among other qualities will attest to my qualifications. My participation in the program, I believe, will provide me with more specialized and high quality knowledge and skills capable of remarkably and positively changing the urban environment while also beefing up my academic credentials for pursuing even greater academic qualifications.

Making a career driven by personal interests and passion provides positive reinforcement towards success in the chosen career path, as internal motivation spurs one’s decisions and actions, in light of many challenges, to ultimate success. As such, my passion for art, decoration and manipulation of objects and forms as well as intellectual curiosity to all things architectural will be pivotal in my graduate education success. This drive and my ambition to succeed, among other qualities reflects my dedication to participation and success in the MA in Urban Sustainability Program in your respected institution, which I look forward to if you allow me. My beliefs are also an anchor for me in pursuit of urban sustainability as I believe that current urban areas which are mired by pollution and crime can be positively transformed into safe and sustainable spaces even though accomplishing this is a great challenge that I endeavor to win. Additionally, my hobbies, which include collection of architectural designs as well as travel to areas where I can observe firsthand, buildings like the Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles, among others that reflect marvelous architectural designs, contribute to my experience.

These hobbies, among others, help me to keep well-informed of current events in the field of architecture and architectural design while further fueling my creativity and innovation in coming up with novel designs that provide me with ideas with great potential for the future. My seemingly creative and innovative physical as well as computer-generated creations depicting buildings, neighborhoods and even cities represent my interest and passion as well as ability to work well independently in architectural design. Additionally, the numerous assignments that I have been provided to work on in a variety of projects which have ended up being actually implemented communicate my ability to work well independently and without supervision. Some of the responsibilities assigned to me, as indicated in my resume, include development of construction drawings, 3D renderings and myriad electrical and furniture plans as well as research and engagement in managerial duties like scheduling and budgeting.

Fundamentally, I believe myself to be a hard and smart worker committed to success and improvement of my educational capabilities and work experience, with an overall goal of positive personal and professional development. Combination of my educational qualifications, my relatively vast practical experience and passion for architecture and architectural design as the driving force for my application to your esteemed institution, I believe, makes me a good candidate. Giving me the opportunity to participate in the MA in Urban Sustainability Program will enable me to fulfill my goal of becoming a major force in the field of architectural design as well as urban society whose dynamics indicate a major shift to sustainability. It will also provide an opportunity for me to put into good use the knowledge and skills that I will acquire from your esteemed institution while readying me for greater academic pursuits and career progression.

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