I applied as a non degree student at Washington State University primarily for the reason of broadening my studies and interest in civil engineering. I understand that Washington State University provides full time Civil engineering programs and degrees however I wish to first commence my studies with a broad introduction into this area of study before further proceeding with other courses and programs in relation to this area. My focus will be to commence a non degree program in civil engineering at Washington State University with the intent on continuing my studies and looking at other programs whilst in attendance. I believe that throughout the selected civil engineering program, I will provide a wholehearted contribution to the engineering faculty at Washington State University as well as various co-curricular and sporting activities. I understand that Washington State University is prestigious and also held in high regard and it is within my best interests to provide a high quality of academic work as well as a substantial contribution to its current performance and prestige overall.
I am also an international student and believe that starting my academic career at Washington State University will provide me with suitable cultural experiences particularly associated with the United States and the American way of living. I am confident that I can provide a number of different experiences and exert my skills in a number of ways at Washington State University. The experience of moving from an international location to Washington is an exciting and thrilling time and I see no better fit then commencing a non degree program and my time in the United States at Washington State University and no other institution. My philosophy is that this non degree program will provide solid foundation for future growth and development at Washington State University and none other.

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I would like to further affirm that I come forth with a number of different qualities and skills, all of which match the skills, values and desired qualities held in high regard at Washington State University. I will be a loyal, honest and hard working student with limited requirements or issues that would cause your institution any concern at all. My previous excellent academic history and contributions to a number of programs throughout my high school studies inevitably support my diligence and high suitability for a challenging yet rewarding program at Washington State University. I will not only immerse myself in the way of life at Washington State University but ensure that I carry my studies and its values into my professional career within the field of civil engineering. My technical skills and ability to problem solve successfully match the criteria of the subjects and program that I wish to be admitted into at Washington State University.

In summary, I am hard working, intellectual, dedicated and highly motivated to succeed at Washington State University and can assure you that I will not disappoint as I endeavor to provide Washington State University with a high level of excellence and success currently and in the future. It is my firm belief also that this institution should admit only the most dedicated students and those that are also well rounded and motivated. I am well rounded and will not only offer an excellent academic grounding but a number of diverse skills, qualities and requirements that I know Washington State University are looking for. It would be an absolute privilege to be admitted to this university and to be provided with a fine education for future growth and prosperity.