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University of Texas Admissions Essay

Rapid change in the form of globalization, led by information technologies, is changing how my generation approaches politics and economics. It is also changing governance and business. This is the context in which my generation will be governing. My generation has grown up with cell phones, electronic money transfers and...

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Walden MBA Statement

My name is ABC and I am from XYZ. When I decided to pursue my MBA at Walden University , I had a specific set of limited number of goals and expectations. Basically I hoped that Walden will provide me a quality formal education and enable me to earn my...

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UC Economics Personal Statement

#1. I am planning to major in economics. My father regularly used to follow business and economic news in the print and electronic media. He would often tell me economic news and stories to spark my interest in the business world and would encourage me to ask him questions if...

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Columbia Essay

I wanted to find a university that will not only teach me technical skills but will also help me better understand the world. Every problem involves several stakeholders and we cannot design effective solutions unless we are able to put ourselves in others’ shoes and view things from their perspectives....

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Long Awaited Moment

In June 3, 2013, I graduated from American Creativity Academy for girls. The graduation day was one of the best moments in my life. I had eagerly waited for it. I was filled with joy and excitement of what I had achieved. It was the most important day of my...

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