The advent of information systems has inspired the emergence of sophisticated technological platforms in the healthcare industry. This technology is applied in various capacities to enhance the efficiency and quality of the services delivered in various departments. The technological progressions have also motivated a continuous evolution of the technologies application in healthcare in order to suit the complex ever-changing needs and expectations of the healthcare service consumers (Funk, 2011). In order to keep pace with the global developments, healthcare facilities have embraced the use of these technologies through the commitment of sufficient resources as a practical and realistic way of promoting the quality of healthcare services. Some of the special applications of technology in healthcare today include the automation of processes like the electronic records and the application if the technology in technical evaluation and assessment of patients to produce better outcomes. Appropriate application of technology by the medical experts assist in the reduction of errors in the medical and healthcare procedures (Funk, 2011). The technology is also n essential entity towards enhancing both patient and expert safety.

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There are various factors that motivated my interest towards choosing this article. The article has sufficient information in my major area of interest in the medical field because it has information on the technological advances in Dental Medicine. The article has the latest information on what the dental experts can apply in their daily engagements in order to achieve sufficient success in their operations and service delivery. The article is credible and authoritative because it is publicized in WebMD which is one of the American professional sources of health information which enhances the quality of the information retrieved from the article. The currency of the article also makes it the most appropriate source of information that is up to date. Therefore, my choice for the article took all these perspectives into consideration.

In the article ‘Advances in Dental Care: What’s New at the Dentist,’ the author highlights various technologies that have been adopted in the dental health industry to improve the health of the patients. The use of digital x-rays to replace the old-fashioned radiographs is elemental towards enhancing faster and efficient assessment and diagnosis of the oral health challenges by the experts. The high level of sensitivity of this facility is essential towards making the distinction with the other technologies that were used because of its level of clarity. The technology has also improved the detection of cavities of the teeth through the use of the laser technology (WebMD, 2015). The laser technology can detect the level of decay in a tooth, and it monitors the progression acquired while receiving the required interventions from the medical specialist. The Computer-assisted manufacture (CAM) and computer-assisted design (CAD) reduce the number of dental visits by the patients because they assist in promoting effective treatments procedures for the patients. The application of the Thinner Veneers is an essential towards the preservation of teeth and giving them a natural sense of comfort. The use of the plastic technology has also been fronted as an essential innovation as it promotes effective bonding and filling materials that promote the recovery of the patients from the chronic cavities. The use of better dental implants is also one of the technologies that are elemental towards the replacement of teeth without major problems and subsequent problems like in the use of the traditional implants. The gum is also an essential part of the oral health and its health has to be enhanced through the application of technology (WebMD, 2015). The author concludes by pointing out that the emergency of modern treatments for the gum diseases has been elemental towards the establishments and implementation of stable dental health strategies.

The application of these technological advancements in dental health is likely to transform healthcare perspectives to a great extent. This is because these technologies present various improvements in the interventions and assessment tools that were applied by the use of the traditional methods in the dental health entity. The application of the sophisticated assessment and treatments tools that exploit the use of technology is instrumental towards the establishment of stable and consistent mechanisms essential for enhancing dental health and the general status of all health care entities. The technology brings a lot of flexibility in the industry because the structural and functional orientation of the advancements in the assessment of the dental health consumers can assist in the formulation of the appropriate interventions that are tailored to the specific needs and expectations of the patients (Funk, 2011). Therefore, the technology is also likely to reduce the errors committed in the assessment and treatment of dental health challenges because they embrace high levels of safety for the patients and dental health specialists. Consequently, this is a good step towards the ultimate transformation of the dental health entity because he technology gives room for further complex innovations in future to guard the interest of the industry.

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