People spend their leisure time in various ways in the society today. Playing games is one of the most common ways through which people spend their free time. The advent of information systems and globalization has transformed the gaming industry. The resultant effect of the innovations supported by information technology includes the emergence of video games. There are numerous video games that are used in the society today. Some of the games are associated with both positive and negative impacts on people. These effects depend on how the people use the games. Playing video games is beneficial to the cultural, social and development life of a person.

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The video games enhance the cognitive capability of an individual. This is because the nature of the games facilitates the development of the brains of a person. While playing the games, the person gets massive metal engagement. The engagement promotes the neural processing and efficiency of the brain that lead an increased utilization of the metal resources. Continuous involvement of the brain in these activities assists in propagating the level of thinking of a person and thus promoting positive development. These games are also assisting promoting faster and more accurate attention from the brain.

Video games promote the acquisition of numerous motivational benefits to a person. While playing the games, they challenge an individual to improve the style of play in order to succeed. The ultimate aim of an individual is have success in the games, consequently, when a person fails while playing the games, he is likely to be motivated to try again until success is achieved. Therefore, the games can assist in developing the attitude of a person. One of the attributes of attitude that can be developed include persistence and approach to various challenges. These games can assist a person to improve on the way of approaching various challenges in real life situations.

The video games facilitate the deviation of a person’s emotional affiliations. The most common emotional orientations of a person include anxiety and depression. The structural and cultural orientation of the games makes a person have deviating moods consistently. While having deviations in the moods, a person can have a sense of relation in the body. The deviations can also make a person know how to handle the emotional extremes. Therefore, this is one of the engagements that can assist in heightening the level of resilience through the development of reappraising strategies and flexibility.

Video games have numerous social benefits to the players. The games present an individual with various situations that require the player to apply social skills. Some of the games are very complex. Learning how to approach the complex situations is identical to most experiences in the society today. When an individual is continuously involved in these complex situations, they are likely to influence a person’s cultural orientations. This will make a person be used to the circumstance and can way to overcome them. The complex situation also require an individual to make decisions. Some of the decisions need to be made within very strict deadlines. Therefore, these games can develop an individual to become a very good leader because of the organization that they entail.

Therefore, the use of video games is very beneficial to people of various social orientations. This is because of the positive effects these games propagate in a person. People have various ways of spending their leisure time, and the use of video games is the most common in the world today. In order to keep pace with the advancements in the society today, people are involved in the use of video games to spend their time. Thus, video games present the most constructive way of spending this time.