The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) score as an assessment tool will be essential in my work as a TIC expert, because it will help me in identifying clients that need my support. Personally, my ACE score was 2; a low score, which means that I am lesser at risk of developing the many behavioral and physical consequences that are related to ACE scores. Nevertheless, while ACE levels might differ, an examination on individual scores would reveal, which clients need more help than others. Moreover, an analysis on individual scores would assist me in identifying staff members who may deserve more attention than others. Professionally, I will strive to apply the principal pillars of TIC especially when dealing with clients with high scores. The major values of Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) include trustworthiness, safety, collaboration, choice, and empowerment. I might employ collaboration and choice when dealing with clients since they need to feel that their engagement with me as a professional aims to benefit them. For instance, during sessions and other encounters, I will ensure that they play a significant role in developing the patterns of engagement, such as group set-ups, activity, and sharing styles, thus, making them feel part of the process.
Additionally, alongside these values, I might use the empowerment pillar to ensure that I produce the best the outcome of TIC. For example, for a client who experienced alcohol-related trauma during childhood, compelling him or her become an addict, I might create goals such as reducing the number of bottles drunk per day, hence, empowering the client in making better choices in future. Consequently, I intend to develop trustworthiness and safety by ensuring that my interaction with them is sensitive by steering away from blame and alternatively, promoting positive feelings. Because TIC ensures that the feelings of clients are dealt with sensitively without blame, or judgment, I deem that the process boosts self-esteem and hope, which are essential mechanisms for healing. In conclusion, I resonate that an adherence to these values can positively enhance care for clients.

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