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Music in Advertising

Music is a vital tool in the advertisement industry. This is because there are several important functions that are fulfilled by advertisement music. Music is very instrumental in enabling a brand to realize the meanings that it is intended to pass across to its audience. In addition to this, advertisement...

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Photo Analysis

In an advertisement for Mark Nason Footwear featured on page 133 of Details Magazine’s March 2015 issue, a full page image attempts to sell this particular brand of footwear by featuring a pair of grey suede boots propped up on a table or desk top with jean-clad legs disappearing off...

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Association Memo in Advertising Job

Research An association memo is essential in understanding the various dynamics of a company and its business functions. Different industries use memos to relay messages form one channel of communication to another. As a student in advertising, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of a particular company and...

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Income Distribution in International Markets

rtant concerns is the ability of consumers in those markets to afford consumer goods. There are many reasons why companies choose to flee their domestic market in order to reach out in the international sense. On one hand, companies are almost always looking for a bigger potential pool of consumers...

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Guinness Goes Down Smooth with Pathos

Stout beer maker Guinness appears to have successfully appealed to the masses through a heady mixture of pathos and prompts that would surely pull the heartstrings of anyone still having a pulse. With the television commercial Made of More – Basketball, Guinness made the right decision to hire the New...

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