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Music in Advertising

Music is a vital tool in the advertisement industry. This is because there are several important functions that are fulfilled by advertisement music. Music is very instrumental in enabling a brand to realize the meanings that it is intended to pass across to its audience. In addition to this, advertisement...

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Photo Analysis

In an advertisement for Mark Nason Footwear featured on page 133 of Details Magazine’s March 2015 issue, a full page image attempts to sell this particular brand of footwear by featuring a pair of grey suede boots propped up on a table or desk top with jean-clad legs disappearing off...

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Guinness Goes Down Smooth with Pathos

Stout beer maker Guinness appears to have successfully appealed to the masses through a heady mixture of pathos and prompts that would surely pull the heartstrings of anyone still having a pulse. With the television commercial Made of More – Basketball, Guinness made the right decision to hire the New...

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Deception in Advertising

Deceptive advertising is any advertisement that leads the consumer to beliefs about the product than they would not otherwise believe if they had complete knowledge about the product or service. The goal of deceptive advertising is to modify the consumer’s behaviors, leading them to make a purchase decision based on...

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The Language of Advertising: Critical Thinking Question

Symbols have become a crucial element in the language of advertising. In this paper, I will describe several advertising symbols that I associate with my own life and assess whether they are effective for selling. First of all, one of the advertising symbols that is present in my life is...

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