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Effective Promotion

Promotion can be referred to as a way of marketing or advertising a product. In effective promotion, different mediums are involved. One must consider to use a medium that will comply to targets and goals set. Promoting a product, one must look at the sales promotion method to be used,...

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Psychology of Advertisements

The popular fast food restaurant Wendy’s has undergone a transition over the last few years. Specifically, Wendy’s has gone from the hokey place where people bought square hamburgers from Dave Thomas and his red-headed daughter to the place where people can buy a host of foods, some of them fresh...

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IPhone 6 Plus Advertising & Promotion

The advertising campaign that will be analyzed in detail by this paper is the IPhone 6 Plus photography campaign currently being conducted by Apple Incorporated. Recently, Apple Incorporated released a more modern and versatile version of its IPhone 6 design known as the IPhone 6s. Despite having an almost similar...

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Television Advertisement Analysis

Baby Laugh A-Lot 1. The commercial is selling a doll called Baby Laugh A-Lot by Remco. The doll is battery-powered, and laughs constantly, theoretically causing the owner of the doll to laugh as well, causing enjoyment. The commercial first introduces the doll, then shows several girls turning their heads at...

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Advertising Analysis: Aria

A man in a grey suit is the primary object in an advertisement for Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is holding the lowest part of the lapels of his jacket as he would if he was looking at his outfit in the mirror with confident, deserved,...

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