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American vs. Chinese ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Poster

Movie posters make up a huge part of movie promotions. It gives the audience a foretaste of what the movie will actually be like and the positioning that the movie director/creator is promoting. Movie posters are full of signs and design theories to attract the audience’s attention, for example, hierarchy,...

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Advertising Analysis – Phillips Soups

The advertisement analysis was performed on the Phillips Delicious Southern Soups presented in the May 29, 1937 issue of Life magazine. In this particular issue, the advertisement was at the beginning, which is often a key attribute of advertisements around the timeframe - and in general. The advertisement portrays an...

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Dick’s Sporting Gear (NIKE)

The commercial in consideration is called “Gold in US.” It is from Dick’s Sporting Goods and features athletes from the United States preparing for the 2016 Olympic Games. It features various athletes in training to elicit an element of determination and sacrifice that is necessary for an athlete to earn...

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Regulating Advertising Toward Children

The issue of advertising to children is a controversial subject as children are vulnerable and susceptible to the images that are on television and that are being advertised to them. Advertising already has a bad rap for being manipulative, coercive and generally perceived as untruthful when it comes to trying...

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Advertising Strategy in The Knitter

The Knitter is a craft magazine published in the UK, although widely available in the USA. It is produced by a company called Immediate Media, who produce a wide range of media within the UK, but specialise in magazines with a variety of readerships and across a variety of subjects....

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