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Economic Development in Africa

When Giovanni Arrighi examined the causes of the slow development in the African States, he notes they come from different perspectives. Arrighi claims the most significant aspects that prevent African states from developing are the structure of domination. In this case, domination in Africa comes from bad policies and unreliable...

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Mobile Phones in Africa

In Mobile Phones: The New Talking Drums of Everyday Africa, the authors discuss a new phenomenon in the country. Mobile phone use is growing there, having increased to a point where now, one in every three people in Africa has a mobile phone. This is up from one in fifty...

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Comparison between South Africa and Venezuela

The South African currency is Rand while the Venezuelan currency is in Bolivar. The currency code for the Venezuela Bolivar is VEF. The history behind the Venezuelan Bolivar is that, in the year 2010, the government of Venezuela formed an exchange rate that occurs in two tiers (Bhundia & Gottschalk...

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“The Rise of Our East African Empire” Analysis

The crucial “Social Darwinist” element of Lugard’s “The Rise of Our East African Empire” is arguably the desire expressed in the text to “civilize” the African. Namely, Lugard, by stating the mission of civilization of the African, confers a value to civilization. He construes Christian and European civilization as the...

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Islam and Geographic Determinism in Trans-Saharan Africa

The relationship between Islam and geographic determinism in Trans Saharan Africa between 3500BCE to 400CE and 400CE to 1200CE is far from straightforward. As [Module 3] argues, “[t]he appeal of Islam…can be found in an uncomplicated monotheism and in the simple code of ethics taught by the Prophet,” yet, the...

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Nursing in Nigeria

Nurses bear a huge responsibility for helping to guide the caring process. People hold to various beliefs and attitudes regarding health and wellness, death and dying, mental illness, elderly care, as well as diet and nutrition. Whatever the belief, the main goal is to provide adequate care. Typical patterns of...

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Chasing Chaos Summary

Jessica Alexander's Chasing Chaos is a personal memoir of the author's time spent working as a humanitarian aid worker in Sub-Saharan Africa and in Haiti. It can be taken to be a strictly autobiographical narrative which tells the story of person's particular development, however it also contains several elements that...

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African Literature

Phillis Wheatley’s work should be included in the anthology of African Literature in the Antebellum Era. Even though Wheatley’s work was mainly Spiritual, her poetry still retains the style and subject of the Antebellum Era. The Antebellum Era is widely considered the period of time prior the Civil War and...

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