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The Bushmen

One of the oldest continually indigenous people on the planet, if the not the oldest, are the Kalahari Bushmen of Southern Africa. It’s been said that the Bushmen have lived in this area for well over 20,000 years, making them one of the few homosapien sapiens to have never migrated...

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Country Selection: South Africa

The country that has been chosen for study in this class during the term is South Africa. There are several reasons why this country was chosen as the focus of individual study during the class. Not only is South Africa the largest country in the southern region of the continent,...

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HIV/AIDS Epidemic in South Africa and Her Neighboring Countries

The spread of HIV/Aids in South Africa is a global concern, South Africa is currently the county with the highest number of infected citizens globally (UNAIDS, 2007). According to a report released by WHO in year 2007, South Africa had more than 5700000 infected citizens, which is approximately 12% of...

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The mass genocide which had occurred in the African country of Rwanda over a three-month course in 1994 was largely due to two factors: building tensions between the Tutsi and Hutu lineages for almost a century, and a failure by the international community to effectively respond to the crisis. It...

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Solutions to Unemployment in Sokoto, Nigeria

Boost Mentoring: The main cause of increased unemployment among young people in Sokoto, Nigeria is the lack of stable jobs and the fact that they lack career prospects t mentor them. This problem can be addressed through effective mentoring, which will greatly help in reducing juvenile and adult crimes, provide...

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