The excerpt “Kwame Nkrumah at the Congress of Africanists” form the speech Africanism and Culture goes into great detail of how African history is hidden because it has been made into an extension of European history. African history is not something in which is seen as being able to exist on its own, rather it is seen and taught to be a topic that arose from European history.
Though this is a short excerpt of a speech, it is a very powerful one. It has been mentioned how African history has gotten lost because of the exploitation of these people, however the ideas brought up by Kwame Nkrumah are truly unique. Instead of stating that African history has been lost, Nkrumah is making the argument that African history is failing to exist because it has been taught to not exist on its own. Children are placed into an education system in which does not sincerely focus on the history and culture that Africa has brought into the world. Instead, children are taught about how Africans were just simply present throughout history; not that Africans actually created history. The various languages, cultures and societies that have grown from the root of Africa are unnoticed and unaccredited to Africans, as if these people did not develop these roots on their own. The African mind is a vivid and rich one in which needs to be appreciated for all it can contribute to society. It has taken years for individuals to adequately understand what it means to study sincere African history and to be an African historian. The voice of Nkrumah may come off as biased, but it actuality it just seems like a voice that is strong in its beliefs. Additionally, though a very sensitive topic, Nkrumah is right in his accusations against European history. European history is not the reason why African history is in existence; it is the reason why African history is incapable of being studied accurately.

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