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Business Strategy: International Paper

International Paper (IP) is a company in the forestry products industry. Since its launch in 1898, the company did not experience any growth through the 1900s (Parnell, 2017). In an effort to expand its business, the company decided to adopt a related diversification plan. This approach involved the acquisition of...

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Negative Effects of France’s Ban on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

The subject under examination is to evaluate why the GMO ban in France may be considered a bad decision, while reviewing alternative positions. First, the decision was based on a scientific study which was later refuted, rescinded, and then resubmitted. Other considerations include the farmers’ freedom to select what and...

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Agriculture and Related Issues/Business

San Antonio Texas has several Cross Fit gyms including among others Body Armor, Mission, Mettle, 210 Cross Fit, and Elite Cross Fit (Sarah, 2013). Our customer and result oriented decision to come up with a new Cross Fit gym in San Antonio Texas have more to offer than can be...

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St. Lucia’s Economic Transformation to Tourism and Impacts on Local Banana Farmers

St. Lucia, an island in the eastern part of the Caribbean, has undergone a transformation from an economy dependent on small scale agriculture to which embraces tourism as a means of increasing growth and opportunity for the small island. This strategy with regard to tourism has been successful in attracting...

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Agricultural Intensification

Food is a basic need that needs continuous production since time immemorial. The ancient civilization recognized the importance of food security, leading to slow developments of the forms of production that ultimately led to intensive agricultural processes. All across the globe, anthropologists have uncovered prime evidence of archaic food production...

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