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Agrihood Limitations

The concept of agrihood, or agriburbia, has become more prominently discussed in recent years, particularly considering the dramatic increase of urbanization in the United States coupled with a focus on environmental sustainability. For this reason, the United States is a leading example of agrihood growth, which “marks the intersection of...

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Rooftop Agriculture

Green rooftops have several benefits that help to improve urban spaces. Green rooftops transform flat, black roofs into aesthetically pleasing garden areas. Each green rooftop is unique and specifically designed for the loadbearing characteristics of the roof, the space available, and other attributes that must be taken into consideration in...

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Agricultural Revolution And The 18th Century Life

It is important here to focus on the words “18th Century life,” because – while the effects of the Industrial Revolution were likely more obvious in the 19th century, and were certainly so in the 20th century, in my opinion and in what I believe to be the opinion of...

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Agriculture and Food

The current position of the planet’s food situation is that although there is more than enough food to go around, the distribution of and access to food is not equal, meaning that some countries and people have more than they need while others are at risk from starvation. Worldwide, changes...

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Contemporary Agriculture

Fish and seafood are a major component of many diets around the world. Aquaculture is the breeding, rearing, and harvesting of fish, shellfish, and plants in aquatic environments. These Environments include ponds, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Some of the products produced by these operations include fish for food, bait, sport,...

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