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Business Problem

Abstract According to Mackenzie and Pate (2000), a group of professional writers created a network of workshops to share ideas and research methods that would help advance the academic community. Each year the Society for Case Research (SCR) does something similar, but it is related to case studies. The workshops...

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Public Land Usage in the Western Ranges

The Western Range is the vast tract of dry grasslands and deserts stretching from Western Nebraska, Kansas and Texas to the Sierra Nevada. It has been used extensively as a grazing ground for the Western livestock industry since the end of the Civil War. In the 1870s, cattle drives were...

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Organic Farming

Organic farming has become a much more popular method of farming in recent years but the OSU Organic Growers Club has been around since 2000 when organic farming was just beginning. Since then the club has grown and it was an honor to volunteer for a group that promotes sustainable...

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