I did not really understand the concept of family until I enlisted in the Air Force. My parents frequently engaged in marital conflicts and the financial situation did not help either, especially, after the failure of family business led to financial bankruptcy. Deteriorating financial situation made it difficult for my parents to take care of me financially so I was adopted by my aunt. In order to show my gratitude to my aunt, I became a mentor to my step-siblings and committed myself to setting good examples for them. When I came to know about career options in the Air Force, I saw an opportunity to become financially independent and decided to embrace it.
Soon after I enlisted in the Air Force, I established myself as a reliable subordinate and colleague. My peers praised my professionalism and strong work ethics. They were, particularly, moved by my teamwork and commitment to my Air Force family. I believe when one person does well, everyone benefits. This conviction inspired me to start mentoring peers and leading teams. I am also grateful for the fact that Air Force helped me become financially independent by providing a job security.

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I am proud of the fact that I am the first in the family to serve in any military branch, and my positive experiences have far exceeded my initial expectations. It is only natural for me to have a desire to further strengthen my bond with the Air Force, hence, my decision to pursue an Air Force Commission. I am also inspired to become an Air Force Officer because my peers and seniors believe in me. They think I possess exceptional leadership qualities which allow me to inspire people to do their best. I enjoy the respect of my peers because I lead by example. As an officer, I will have more leadership opportunities to positively influence my peers and subordinates. I also feel encouraged by my adopted family including step-siblings who see me as their role-model.

It is important to have a good fit between one’s personality, strengths, and career. I have experienced the organizational culture of Air Force firsthand, and I have no doubt in my mind that I desire a lifelong career with the Air Force. Without becoming an officer, I will have very limited opportunities for upward mobility. I have carefully evaluated my personal characteristics and their compatibility with a potential long-term career in the Air Force, and it is clear to me that I and Air Force are perfect match for each other.

I also want to become an Air Force Officer because I want to give back to the country that has been so good to me. Even though I did not have the best childhood, the support system I enjoyed outside my immediate family helped me remain focused in the bigger picture. My aunt, my teachers, and my mentors reminded me again and again that I will shape my own destiny rather than let it be defined by my circumstances. If I succeed in becoming an Air Force officer, it will be, perhaps, the strongest evidence of my life that we do shape our own destinies in America. It will be the honor of my lifetime to continue defending American principles that are very close to my heart. I hope I will be given the opportunity to become a lifelong member of a great organization like U.S. Air Force.