I come from a family with strong accounting background, with both of my parents being an accountant. Thus, I had a strong incentive to pursue an academic degree in Accounting because not only will my parents be there to offer academic and professional guidance but I will also have an access to their strong professional network. I did really well in the undergraduate accounting program at the University of Toronto from which I graduated in 2008. During my academic career at University of Toronto, I also won the Queens Elizabeth II Scholarship in recognition of my academic achievements. While I did well in accounting program, I felt that I didn’t really enjoy it. I still excelled academically because I give it my all once I am committed to something and my dedication to excellence is evident in my both academic and professional careers.
I have been working with Toronto-based A & W Professional for approximately three years now and my responsibilities include financial analysis, sensitivity analysis, financial modeling, asset valuation, due diligence, and forensic investigation. In addition to the technical aspects of the job, I also prepare research reports for the senior management, attend client meetings, and organize conference calls. The work experience has helped me significantly improve my soft skills such as communication skills, people skills, multi-tasking, and stress management.

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I have also been actively involved with co-curricular activities. I am a former host of a 30-minute Fairchild Television program called What’s On which informs the readers of the important events happening around Vancouver and Toronto. In addition, I have also been a regular volunteer with the General Church since 2012 and my responsibilities include youth coaching and event management. Currently, I am a freshman at York University with a major in Financial Economics and expect to graduate in 2014.

I am an avid reader and an online article about Hilda B. Hewlett inspired me to learn more about her. Hilda B. Hewlett was the first British woman to obtain a pilot license and fly. Author Gail Hewlett wrote a well-researched book on Mrs. Hewlett titled Old Bird – The Irreplaceable Mrs Hewlett , which is relatively hard to find but fortunately, I was able to track it down in a public library. Hilda B. Hewlett was not afraid to challenge the conventional norms and once she would set up her mind on something, she would beat odds as many times as she had to, to achieve her goals. Hilda became a pilot when even male pilots were a rare species but she didn’t let the times and circumstances define who she was and what she could and could not do. Reading Old Bird – The Irreplaceable Mrs Hewlett also reminded me of a flight from Hong Kong to Toronto when I was only twelve. The flight attendant noticed I was trying to peek into the cockpit and offered me a quick tour. The cockpit was the most amazing thing I had ever seen and I knew in that instant I would love to become a pilot one day.

Mrs. Hilda’s story made me realize it’s never too late to pursue a dream and I started researching about opportunities to be a pilot. Of all the programs I researched into, Air Georgian and Air Canada Cadet Program was the best fit to my skills, knowledge, and interests. I am particularly impressed by the operating efficiencies which drive the program including the selection of aircrafts such as Hawker 800A, Cessna Citation Bravo, and Beechcraft 1900D. These aircraft models strike great balance between cost efficiencies and comfort and offer exactly what corporate and private clients demand today.

I also attended a formal event about the Cadet Program organized by Air Canada in which I had a detailed discussion with Captain Andrews, an Air Canada pilot. We discussed variety of topics about both Air Georgian and Air Canada including organizational culture, operations, the Cadet Program, and my career interests. Captain Andrews suggested I am exactly the kind of candidate Cadet Program seeks and encouraged me to formally apply for the program.

I am confident I will be highly successful in the program because I am not only good at attention to details and following procedures but also have strong people and communication skills which are essential to being a successful professional in the aviation sector. The component of the program which has most impressed me is its emphasis on safety management because the recent string of aviation accidents demonstrates that there is still substantial room for improvement in air travel safety.

I look forward to meeting you in person to learn more about the program and how I can prepare myself to have a successful long-term career with the company. You may reach me at ABC@hotmail.com or at 123-456-7890. Please do not hesitate to let me know should you have any questions.

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