In my opinion, both hobbyists and commercial or public operators should seek authorization to operate in campus. Commercial operators should not be allowed to fly in controlled air space without restriction and authorization because there is a presence of instrument traffic in Class C airspace, with the controlled airspace dedicated largely to the protection of such aircraft from traffic conflicts.

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Generally, Class C airspace has a mixture of general and airline aviation traffic, which raises the risk of traffic conflicts with commercial aircraft operating in the same airspace. Further, the presence of visual flight rules aircraft in the Class C airspace means that commercial aircraft must communicate with the air traffic controller for authorization and provide information on their altitude to avoid conflicts and accidents. Restriction on commercial aircraft in Class C airspace is important to ensure safety of the aircraft and people on the ground due to training flights and hobbyists.

Nevertheless, hobbyists should also be included in Class C airspace restrictions but should not be excluded. Currently, hobbyists are only required to notify airport towers and operators prior to flying, but do not require permission. There should be restrictions on hobbyists to prevent them from endangering the airspace system, specifically by putting other aircraft at risk. Since operation above four hundred feet rarely pose any risk to other manned aircraft operating in this airspace, hobbyists should not be excluded from controlled airspace. Instead, hobbyists should be required to receive authorizations when operating in airspace that is in close proximity to airports, such as Class C airspace.

As such, hobbyists should retain the right to fly in restricted airspace a part of the national airspace, albeit with consideration of other mitigating factors that ensure safety of flight. Overall, whereas commercial aircraft should not be allowed to operate in controlled airspace without restrictions, hobbyists should also face the same restrictions without their exclusion.