Alan Bishop DJ Set has various performances set for the year 2017. Alan Bishop DJ Set is an entertainment body that aims at creating entertainment throughout the year, targeting people of all walks of life. In its performances, the elderly and young are considered and their needs are met. Its major aim is to promote culture and civic across the society.

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Between January 11th and 10th 2017, Alan Bishop DJ Set provided a global international theater, dance, music and opera to its target audience. Such occasions are mainly repeated during winter and spring season. The major target audience for this performance was mainly the youths at their early 30s (Sublime Frequencies, 2017). The performance was sponsored by Boomberg Connect and Public Art Challenge with the goal of promoting art and talent as well as improving visitors’ engagement and experience with music.

The next performance is the DanceAfrica, a 40th anniversary festivity acknowledging ancient music and movements in Guinea. This performance will take place between 26th May and 29th May this year at Peter Jay Sharp Building, BAM Howard Gilman Opera House. The subscription fee will be $17 and tickets will go for $25 (Sublime Frequencies, 2017). This performance will pay tribute to traditional musicians. The target audiences of this performance are the elderly and individuals who have the passion for African cultural values.

Senior Cinema is one of the Alan Bishop DJ Set performances that is ongoing and was initiated in 27th January and will end on 15th December. The target group of this performance is the elderly individuals who are 65 years and above. The elderly are welcomed into the cinema hall with a popcorn and a soda. BAMkinds is a performance offered throughout the year. The target audience are kids below 13 years of age (Sublime Frequencies, 2017). During this performance, kids are allowed access to films, workshops, and performances that promotes critical thinking and reasoning, thus promoting their learning.

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