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Problems Associated with Alcohol Abuse in Manayunk Philadelphia in 1840

In the 1840s like in many other parts of America, people in Manayunk, Philadelphia used to engage in excessive alcohol use. During the time, widespread public drinking was a normal way of life. At the time, people usually did hard physical labor and used to drink even while working. It...

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Not All Companies Are Equal

Alcohol companies are facing a significant amount of scrutiny due to the nature of the business. The public does not view all industries as equal or ethical. The alcohol industry is often classified as unethical based on the nature of the firm. It provides alcoholic beverages which can lead to...

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Alcohol is among the most common substances that are used in the world under the category of drugs. The use of alcohol entails drinking of wine, beer and hard liquor (AHRQ, 2011). The use of alcohol is very common in the society because it affects a variety of people. This...

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Stahl prescription book outlines prescription techniques for various diseases and disorders. This study endeavors to evaluate for alcoholic withdrawal patients. The most essential and fundamental part is the determination of the patient's background. Why is this crucial? Patient's background information will be valuable in determining whether the behavior is hereditary...

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Alcohol Use Disorder: Genetics or Environment?

The majority of research indicating that environmental factors are prevalent in incidences of alcohol use disorder does not appear to consider genetic factors during the course of the experimentation. Ahern, Balzer, and Galea (2015) presented research that indicates that social factors are the primary cause for increases in alcohol use...

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