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Alcohol And How It Affects Families

Alcoholism is a disease which impairs emotional, psychological as well as, the physical health of the alcoholic, and his loved family members. Several experts have referred to alcoholism as a “family disease”; mainly due to the fact that it has negative effects which result into dysfunctional behaviour and roles by...

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CAGE Screening Tool

The CAGE screening tool was developed by Dr. Ewing John in 1968 for the purpose of detecting drinking behaviors. The term CAGE is an acronym where the letter C represents cut, A represents annoyed, G represents guilty and E represents eye-opener. The tool was developed following a study of 130...

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Alcohol Abuse

Mr. Wilkes is an alcoholic. His assessment that he can stop “any time” is inaccurate. Men should consume no more than fourteen drinks total per week. In addition, men should consume no more than four drinks on any one day. He is a heavy drinker (Moderate and binge drinking, n.d.)....

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Effects of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a prevalent drug problem in the United States. This assertion is not an overstatement. The horrific 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill is a perfect example of the damages inflicted by alcoholism on the world. The aforementioned alcoholism-related accident resulted in nearly $2 billion in environmental damage, as well...

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Essay On Drunk Driving

Driving is one of the privileges citizens of the free world enjoy. The right of driving comes with responsibilities which is why most countries require minimum age before the right to drive can be enjoyed. Drivers are not only responsible for their own interests but also the interests of fellow...

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Why the Drinking Age Should Be Lowered

“Shots. Shots. Shots.” The typical chant of a college party. The liquor is flowing, the music is booming, and the people are dancing. This social drinking culture is a rite of passage for many young adults. However, if you surveyed the crowd, many of them would probably be underage. Underage...

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Stress Levels vs. Alcohol Levels

Introduction Time and again, college students face different kinds of stressors comprising financial problems, time management, social activities like school clubs, sleep deprivation and even supporting families (O'hara, Armeli, & Tennen, 2015). As a result, many of them engage in alcohol intake (O'hara, Armeli, & Tennen, 2015). This study explores...

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Effects of Alcohol on Adolescents

Many teenagers believe that consuming alcohol is a normal behavior. However, underage consumption of alcohol can have a host of adverse effects on the minor. According to Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (2013) “annually about 4,7000 people under the age of 21 die from injuries involving underage drinking”...

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Adolescents Using Alcohol or llicit Drugs

It is quite evident that from a general perspective, the number of adolescents who engage in the consumption of alcohol and or illicit drugs has considerably reduced over the past 6 years (Healthy, 2016). The adolescent population that is described in the health indicator of substance abuse refers to...

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Review of Alcohol-Related Study

A study of twenty-five adults (12 men and 13 women) examined whether drinkers looking at alcohol-related stimuli had impeded auditory senses. The researchers theorized that drinkers looking at alcohol-related images would not respond as readily to auditory signals. The researchers believed that the attentional bias for visual cues among drinkers...

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Middle Sections of Alcoholism Paper

1. Development, recognition and acceptance of group culture and norms of behavior For any social work group to produce good results, definitions of norms, goals, and expected outcomes of the group must be established and clarified for all involved parties. The reinforcement of these norms can be accomplished through repetition...

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Teen Substance Abuse and Addiction

It is often said that our generation is growing up faster – and facing more significant obstacles – than many generations in the past. While the validity of this statement is dubious, there is one thing that is clear. Today’s young people have more access to hard, addictive drugs than...

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Lowering the Current Blood Alcohol Content Limit

In May of 2013, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) voted to encourage states to lower the current blood alcohol content limits for drivers from 0.08 to 0.05 percent. Although surely motivated by good intentions, the logic behind such a serious statement must be thoroughly investigated. According to the NTSB,...

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Alcohol And Its Physiological Effects

How it is consumedAlcohol is a depressant, implying that it is capable of interfering with crucial functions. Notably, there are various kinds of alcohol, which include ethyl alcohol is utilized beverages. Different drinks, such as wine and beer contain varying degree of alcohol. The content ranges from 2% to 20%...

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Alcohol and Tobacco Use in Christianity

The use of tobacco and alcohol by a Christian can be a rather controversial topic. Some people may view it as a sin for a Christian to use tobacco products or consume alcohol. Personally, I can see both points of view, and I do not feel particularly strongly either way,...

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Alcohol Consumption among First Time Mothers

In a recent article on alcohol consumption among first time mothers, the authors used an observational study to investigate their research question. The data used was collected from the MoBa prospective pregnancy cohort from 1999-2008 (Dale, Bakketeig, & Magnus, 2016). After their first ultrasound women were invited to participate through...

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Pros and Cons of Drinking Wine

Wine is a fascinating and ancient alcoholic beverage made from grapes. Despite being extremely popular in Europe, wine appears to have originated in China 9000 years ago in the form of a beverage obtained from fermented grapes, honey and rice (Hirst). Similarly to beer, whiskey, vodka, sangria and other alcoholic...

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Alcohol Use in the US versus Russia

The consumption of alcohol throughout the world is different in each country, depending upon factors such as legal age, availability of alcohol, religious beliefs, alcoholism, and other restrictions. Therefore, it is important to recognize the differences among these countries and to determine the rates of alcohol consumption as a comparison....

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Biology of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a complex form of addiction because it is influenced not only by the substance but also by genetics, molecular reactions, and environmental factors (Genetics, n.d.; Hillenmacher, 2011; Horvath, et al., n.d.; Mccrady et al., 2006). Each individual case of alcoholism is unique to the addict but the beginnings...

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Illegal Use and Possession of Alcohol and Cigarettes on Campus

College is often the first time young adults are away from direct supervision. This freedom unsurprisingly can result in experimenting with one’s personal boundaries and establishment of values. Once you add in peers with the same feelings and newfound freedoms, the results can skew wildly toward either end of the...

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