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Alcohol Consumption among First Time Mothers

In a recent article on alcohol consumption among first time mothers, the authors used an observational study to investigate their research question. The data used was collected from the MoBa prospective pregnancy cohort from 1999-2008 (Dale, Bakketeig, & Magnus, 2016). After their first ultrasound women were invited to participate through...

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Pros and Cons of Drinking Wine

Wine is a fascinating and ancient alcoholic beverage made from grapes. Despite being extremely popular in Europe, wine appears to have originated in China 9000 years ago in the form of a beverage obtained from fermented grapes, honey and rice (Hirst). Similarly to beer, whiskey, vodka, sangria and other alcoholic...

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Alcohol Use in the US versus Russia

The consumption of alcohol throughout the world is different in each country, depending upon factors such as legal age, availability of alcohol, religious beliefs, alcoholism, and other restrictions. Therefore, it is important to recognize the differences among these countries and to determine the rates of alcohol consumption as a comparison....

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Biology of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a complex form of addiction because it is influenced not only by the substance but also by genetics, molecular reactions, and environmental factors (Genetics, n.d.; Hillenmacher, 2011; Horvath, et al., n.d.; Mccrady et al., 2006). Each individual case of alcoholism is unique to the addict but the beginnings...

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Illegal Use and Possession of Alcohol and Cigarettes on Campus

College is often the first time young adults are away from direct supervision. This freedom unsurprisingly can result in experimenting with one’s personal boundaries and establishment of values. Once you add in peers with the same feelings and newfound freedoms, the results can skew wildly toward either end of the...

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